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Reception Class ‘The Seals’


This week in Reception the children have continued to look at Superheroes. We are making our own comic strip and coming up with our own superheroes and villain. The children have had to write about our new heroes and what special powers they have. We have also designed capes and badges for them too.

In Maths we have continued doubling numbers and counting in twos. We used numicon at the beginning at the week but now we are also going up to 30 as a class! We are also practising to count in 10’s and we are trying very hard.

In PE, the boys and girls are taking part in lots of races to get ready for Sports Day and they are having a fantastic time.


What a fantastic first week back the children have had. This week we have stepped into Superhero mode and are looking at all things super! Thank you for your Superhero work that you did over the Easter holidays. They are now up on our Home/School display.

The children have enjoyed reading the book ‘Supertato’ and finding out about his mission to save the vegetables in the supermarket. We have also shared our homework and wrote about our favourite superheroes and powers. In maths we have been voting for our favourite superheroes and the winner was Batman/Batgirl.


The children have enjoyed our Pirate theme so much that this week we decided to go under the sea and explore mermaids! All the children have enjoyed reading the story the ‘Singing Mermaid’ and have used the book to make lots of special things for the mermaid. We even made some sparkly mermaid jelly! The children have enjoyed receiving messages from the mermaid and writing back to her using lots of interesting and describing words.

In Maths, the children have looked at the skill of addition and how they can use a number line to solve a word problem. The children were fantastic at applying their own skills and could all find the correct answer.


This week in Rececption the children have continued their work all about Pirates. We have enjoyed reading the stories Jack and the Flum Flum Tree by Julia Donaldson and Pirates Love Underpants. The children have enjoyed making pants for the pirates and were excited to receive another note from the pirates asking them for frilly gold pants!

We have continued to use the BeeBots in our maths work and navigate the BeeBot around the carpet. We have been focusing using the language ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’, ‘left’ and ‘right’.

The children have also enjoyed our new ‘Pip’ writing and we are working on including adjectives in our writing and remembering the conjunction ‘and’.


This week the children have been learning all about the Jungle. They have talked about what animals they think are in the jungle and we have used books to find out more about the animals such as Rumble in the Jungle. We have also used our senses and listened very carefully to the different sounds we can hear in the jungle. We then wrote a sentence about all the different noises we could hear. The children wrote some fantastic sentences, well done boys and girls. We have also been very creative and made parrots, leaf paintings and other jungle artwork to decorate our toilets.

In Maths, we have been looking at ‘one less’ and subtraction. The children know that when we take away our number will get smaller and have had lots of opportunities to put their skills into practise.


This week the children have had a very busy fairy week. We were very excited to find a fairy door in our classroom and even more so when we found a special note from our fairy called Mike. He wrote to us every day and left lots of little jobs for us to do or left things for us to make. We have been extra busy making fairy houses with windows and doors and writing our own very fairy wishes for Mike to read.

We were super excited when we were asked to make a fairy banquet for the queen fairy! We made fairy bread and strawberry milkshakes. We had to practise cutting our fairy bread equally and share some with the fairies. At home time we left our banquet out and when we came back the next morning they had eaten it all!!! The children were very excited!


This week in Reception, we have been looking at transport and how it is used. We have discussed all the different methods of transport and sorted them into different groups such as transport with wheels or no wheels. We have also turned our role play area into a garage and the children have enjoyed fixing the bikes outside with screwdrivers. The children are also looking forward to making parachutes with the carrier bags that were provided by parents.

In Maths, we have had a focus on addition and the children have been working out their own calculations using a variety of different methods. Next week we will begin to look at subtraction and one less.


This week the children have had a multi-cultural week as we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have used lots of difference resources such as non-fiction books and the internet to find out as many facts as we can. We have discussed why Chinese New Year is important in China and for others all over the world. We have tried to write our names in Chinese writing but found it tricky! We have also created lots of lovely fans, lanterns and made a dragon to show the other children in Year 1. We are also practising to use chopsticks with noodles so we can taste some special Chinese food.

We have also looked at measuring objects to see which objects are longer or shorter and continued to practise our phase 3 sounds and read captions and simple sentences.


This week in Reception the children have been looking at the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been discussing what a traditional story is and what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. In our phonics the children are nearly at the end of phase 3. We have been recapping lots of our digraphs and trigraphs and reading lots of questions with phonics knowledge.

In our maths work we have been weighing different objects and finding out which are heavier or lighter. The children have also been putting their mathematical skills and construction skills together to help them build houses for the three little pig and a trap to catch the big bad wolf!


This week the children have been busy continuing to look at our topic of ‘Exciting Explorers’. We finished our work on Antarctica last week and the children produced some lovely pieces of writing about what it is like. The children are working very hard at sounding out words they can hear and using the correct letter formation.  This week we have started to look under the sea and have used ‘Finding Dory’ as our starting point. We have labelled lots of different sea creatures and made some artwork to put on display in the classroom.

In our maths the children have been looking at all the different ways we can make ten using the numicon. The children have worked very hard and are now writing and saying what they have learnt in calculations. In Music, Mrs Taylor has also commented about how focused the children are and how amazing they are at following a rhythm with the musical instruments. Well done Reception!


What another busy week it’s been in Reception! The children were fantastic in their Nativity and all their hard work paid off. Well done everyone!

In our Number work we have been looking at estimation and guessing how many objects we can see under a blanket. The children had to make their estimation and they were thinking very carefully about their answers. We have also continued adding one more to numbers 20. Some children could even go to 100!

In our topic work we have been looking at all things cold and read the story of Henry’s Holiday, a penguin that didn’t like the cold and wanted to go somewhere hot. The children voted whether they would like to live in a cold or hot place and they voted cold, so next week we will look at Antarctica and see if they change their minds.


This week the children have been extra busy practising our Nativity. They are all fantastic in our play and are doing a super job at remembering all the songs! We are all super excited to show you next week! We have also been discussing the importance of the Christmas story and why we still celebrate Christmas today. The children have shown fantastic listening when other children are sharing their ideas.

In PE we have also been practising our travelling along equipment, jumping and landing safely and forward rolls. Soon we will working very hard to put all of our movements together into a performance for others to watch. In phonics, the children are working very hard at remembering all their new phase 3 sounds. Our next step is to be a ‘sound investigator’ and spot our sounds, such as ‘oi’, ‘oa’ and ‘igh’ in a word before we blend them together. Keep up the good work boys and girls.


What another busy week it’s been in Reception!

The children have had lots of fun learning about Dinosaurs. We had a group discussion about what we already knew and the children had lots of exciting facts and information to share. We discussed new vocabulary such as ‘extinct’ and what it means. This led to a package from a professor delivering some fossils! The children had to work out where they had come from and make their own using salt dough.

We have also been practising our letter formation by writing the different names of dinosaurs. We couldn’t believe that there were over 700 different dinosaur names! We also had fun creating our own dinosaurs and the children enjoyed showing off their names to different adults around school.

In Maths the children have also begun inputting instructions into our BeeBots. We have to decide whether we need to go forwards, backwards, left or right.


This week the children have been very busy developing our phonics skills. We have now moved onto Phase 3 in phonics and we are making fantastic progress. We are working very hard to listen to how many sounds we can hear in a word. The children’s next steps are to concentrate on forming their sounds using the correct letter formation.

The children have been looking forward to Friday for our ‘Children in Need Day’. We have written invitations to our friends to come to a spotty party to play some spotty games! In our Maths we have been looking at positional language and using our Pop pictures to describe Pop’s position. The children have had lots of ‘Busy Worker’ Jobs to make a marble run, making and counting the number 8 and finding objects from positional clues.


The children have had another busy week in Reception. We have continued our work on Space and the children have enjoyed naming all the different planets. We have discussed the key features of Fiction and Non-Fiction texts and discussed how we can identify the difference.

In Maths, we have been learning about  the number 6. We have found out lots of interesting facts and the different ways we can make this number.

In English, the children have been writing what they would like to take with them to space. They have had to say the different sounds they can hear and write them on their spaceship.

This term the children are working with Mrs Fieldman in PE. They are learning all about gymnastics and have had to be very responsible when setting up the gym equipment themselves.


The children have had a fantastic first term at school. They have settled so brilliantly into school and they are making fantastic progress. We have had lots of visitors to school and they are very impressed with the children. Well done boys and girls!

This week at school the boys and girls have been working on our counting skills in our number work. We have talked about how we need to be careful and come up with lots of methods to count carefully.  Also we have been ordering numbers and discussed the different properties of numbers.

In Literacy we have started to look at words that rhyme and will continue this after the school holiday.

For our topic work the children have been discussing what an adventure is and sharing different ideas of where we would like to go on an adventure. The children are very excited to learn all about places with different animals!

rimg0925 rimg0929


What another busy week we’ve had in Reception!

We have been busy looking at 2d shapes and discovering all their properties. We have identified which shapes have sides or vertices and put all of information into a maths story. The children had to come up with an idea for their story and complete with actions to remind ourselves about shapes and their properties. The children have had lots of fun practising with the adults in Reception.

In our PE the boys and girls have been concentrating on lots of listening games and making shapes with their bodies. This week the children had to make shapes with round sides and pointy vertices. The children were very imaginative and had to touch up on their balancing skills!

In our Literacy work we have been concentrating on our ‘Pop writing’ and using the correct letter formation. It can be a bit tricky but with lots of practise the children are producing some fantastic pieces of writing. We have even started to practise our writing as soon as we get to school! The adults in Reception are excited to see the progress in their writing and are all very proud of the children. Keep up the good work guys!

rimg0943 rimg1005


What another busy week it’s been in Reception!

The children have been very creative with vegetables this week and made some lovely pictures to show in the Harvest Festival Assembly. We have been rolling sweetcorn and brussel sprouts and printing with other vegetables.

In our maths work the children have been making repeating patterns and they have been very creative making lots of patterns anywhere and everywhere! We have also been reading the story of ‘Owl Babies’ and the children collecting twigs, leaves and feathers from the back field to make comfy nests for our owl teddies.

In our phonics work the children are working very hard at blending and are starting to concentrate on the formation of certain letters.

rimg0885 rimg1966


What another busy week it’s been in Reception!

The children have had lots of fun learning about Autumn and the Harvest Festival. We have been busy exploring conkers and other natural objects in our tough spot as well learning about the importance of the Harvest. We have lots of discussions about where our food comes from what is our favourite! The children have also had fun making hedgehog bread! We had to use scissors to snip the top of the bread to make the spikes!

The children are doing very well in their number work and we are looking forward to moving onto shape and patterns. The children are also beginning to help me write short captions all about Pop! The children have to listen very hard to the very sounds they can hear in simple words and have a go at writing them. They are trying very hard, well done boys and girls!



This week in Reception the children are learning all about the season ‘Autumn’. We have had circle time to discuss what we think happens in Auntum . The boys and girls have certainly noticed a change in our weather and we are continuing to develop our knowledge of the great outdoors with the Eco Centre. Next week the children are looking at Harvest and why this is an important time of the year. We will be busy making lots of pictures to show in our Harvest Assembly.

In our number work we have discussed the difference between two amounts of objects using the vocabulary more or less and we are now starting to add two numbers together. The children are trying very hard in their phonics and we are steaming ahead with our sounds! Well done boys and girls. Keep up the good work!

img_0653 img_0657


This week in Reception the children have started their phonics sessions and they are working very hard at remembering all the new sounds and actions. The children have been taking part in lots of activities to see how many sounds they can remember. We are also busy practising to blend our sounds to read some simple words.

The children are becoming more and more settled as the weeks go on and are very independent at finding their own peg and drawer. We are also having so much fun at dinner time! Next week they have the job of going into Assembly and have been practising our sensible sitting on the carpet. We will also start our name writing and practise being careful counters.

rimg0651 rimg0652


All of the children in Reception have had a fantastic week. All the adults in Reception are so pleased with at how the children are settling into school life and they are impressing us their confidence and independence. We have spent a lot of our time getting to know each other and the different routines in our classroom. The children are also enjoying having dinner at school and have already had their first music session with the Piano Academy and outdoor learning with the Eco Centre. Our next task is PE, which all the children are looking forward too!

Thank you for all your support with helping the transition to run as smoothly as possible.

rimg0595 rimg0626  rimg0543 rimg0550 rimg0630



The children in Reception have been busy getting ready getting ready for our graduation. We have been talking all about our achievements made in Reception and what our goals for Year 1 could be. We have also painted pictures of what we want to be when we are older. The children have come up with some fantastic careers.

In our Maths the children have been focusing on subtraction. We have been applying our skills to a range of problems and have shown we have made fab progress.

The children have also been reading the story the rainbow Fish and have written about how kind the Rainbow Fish was. We also compared the fish to our own values and the children even came up with some British Values!



This week the children have carrying on with our work from our visit to Rand Farm. We have turned our role-play into a farm and even have a tractor ride for the children to write down what different animals they can see. The children have also been using construction materials to make their own farms. The classroom was very messy with straw but the children had fun.

We have been using the farm animals to add two groups of animals together in one field. The children have been shown lots of ways to add numbers together and show us how independent they could be. The children were busy counting the farm animals, recording their calculations, using number lines and counting on in their head.

IMG_0583IMG_0572 IMG_0568 IMG_0588


This week the children have had such a busy week! On Wednesday the children went on their school trip to Rand Farm. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed getting to see lots of different animals. They even got the chance to feed the lambs and calfs, cuddle rabbits and chicks, go on a tractor ride and candle eggs. They learnt lots of new and interesting facts and wished that they could all stay longer! Their behaviour was superb and they were caring towards the animal. We were all very proud of them when we got back to school.

When we got back to school the children got busy writing letters to Mrs Wright to persuade her why we should buy a donkey that was for sale at the farm. The children came up with some really good ideas so we’re waiting to see what happens!

The children have also been learning all about the Queen and her birthday. We have been making portraits of the Queen and writing lots of facts about her. The children think she is very greedy for having two birthdays!

IMG_0548 IMG_0557 IMG_0563 IMG_0564


This week the children have been learning all about the Amazon Rain forest and all the creatures that live there. The children had lots of special visitors in school on Monday and some of them had a few to many legs! The children have been working on their sentence writing and have produced some lovely writing all about the creatures from Zoolab.

In our maths we have been doubling numbers and the children have used mirrors to help them double their numbers. The children have also been trying very hard at writing their numbers 1 – 9 using the correct number formation.

RIMG0435 RIMG0438 RIMG0451 RIMG0478 RIMG0448


This week the children were very excited to see if the Snerd came back to collect her eggs of the back field and we were all very relieved to find that she did. Although she did leave one behind so we are looking after it to see what happens!

This week the children are starting to explore our new topic of the Rainforest. We have watched a clip of a walk through a Rainforest and we had to listen and watch very carefully so we could write sentences to describe what we could see and hear. The children are working very hard in their writing and letter formation is really coming on well. Next week we are looking forward to decorating our classroom and having a visit from some creepy crawlies!

In our maths we have continued our work on number lines and the children had to plot numbers on an unstructured number line. They have used their understanding of numbers well and could explain their reasons clearly.

RIMG1580 RIMG1581


This week the children have lots of fun working from Julia’s new story called what the ladybird heard next. We have identified lots of rhyming words and have made a rhyming wall for our classroom. The children have also been writing letters to Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh about what good choices they should be making!

In our Maths work we have been working on counting on the help us work out the answer for our addition calculations. We have also been using the numbers lines to make sure we impressed Miss Struggles with fantastic maths skills.

The children have also received a special package from Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh. The box was full of blue eggs!! Watch this space to see what happens next.

RIMG0271 RIMG0276 RIMG0284 RIMG0289


This week the children have had lots of fun following instructions to make their own perfume. The children have been using a pestle and mortar to mix different ingredients together such as flowers, lemon grass, herbs and ginger. The children have enjoyed describing the different smells and even the grown-ups had to sample their creations.

In Maths we have been looking at using the correct positional language to describe different locations and have been practising writing our numbers using the correct letter formation.

The children have also been on the backfield and found lots of different creepy crawlies including worms, ladybirds, snails and even a butterfly!


RIMG1520 RIMG1516


This week the children have been busy planting a herb garden for our mud kitchen and enjoyed describing all the different smells they could smell. We have also been talking about what a plant needs to grow and have used this as a good opportunity to practise our writing.

In maths the children have been looking at naming different 3d shapes and their properties. The children have all tried really hard and could name all the different shapes by the end of the week.

The children had another fantastic swimming session this week and are all learning lots of new skills in the water.

IMG_0382  RIMG1474


This week we have continued our work on Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have had to create a beanstalk taller than Miss Wright’s. They worked well as a team and decided what materials they would need to use. At the end we even measured our beanstalks with a tape measure and the children’s beanstalk was certainly bigger!

The children also had a sneaky visit from the giant on Thursday. He took our class bikes because we were busy working too hard and we woke the giant up. The children again worked together as a team and decided to write to the giant to see if he would trade our class pushchair for our bikes. It was very risky but it worked and we got our bikes back the next day.

In our maths work we have been looking at different 2d and discussing their properties. In our phonics the children are also using the Ipads to help them with their reading.

We had a fantastic time swimming and the children were fantastic at getting changed. We’re going to see if next week we can beat our record!



Next week we have decided to learn all about France and their culture. We will be tasting lots of yummy food in our French Café and even learn some French! While exploring France we will be looking at Disney Land Paris and asking the children to write about their favourite characters.  The children have been working very hard in Phonics Sessions and are applying their sound knowledge to help them with their writing. We are looking forward to seeing what fantastic pieces of writing the children will produce.

IMG_4750 IMG_4751 RIMG1185 RIMG1178 RIMG1183 RIMG1205 RIMG1209

This week the children have busy continuing with our work, on Chinese New Year, in our Speaking and Listening and Sessions. We know lots of facts and have been busy making our own Chinese lanterns and dragons! In our Maths work the children have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been using mathematical language to describe their properties and have been busy using junk modelling to make models.

IMG_0119 RIMG1303 RIMG1309

This week the children have been exploring under the sea. We have read lots of rhyming stories all about sea creatures and had to listen very carefully to the words which rhyme. The children had to write a list of words that rhyme and we were all very helpful at helping each other. We even had a go at making up nonsense words that rhyme, they were very funny!

In our maths we have been busy continuing with our work on addition and apply our skills we learn last week.

In our PHSE work we have been busy discussing what our goals and dreams are in assembly and class. The children have given themselves a goal that they want to achieve at school and we have displayed them on our working wall so we can keep track on how each other is doing.


The children also had great fun painting with mud and handmade paint brushes with Tracey from the Eco Centre.


This week the children have been very busy getting changed in and out of costumes for our nativity performances and they have all impressed the adult’s with how quickly and skilfully they can get changed.  We have also been discussing and exploring the seasons of the year. The children can recall facts about each season and have used their knowledge to help them decorate a calendar for next year. The children have also been discussing the importance of The Nativity Story and why it is still a tradition today. We have also been busy making and decorating salt dough decorations for our Christmas Fair.

This week we have been looking at Dinosaur Stories and have been reading all about ‘Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs’. The children have found learning all the dinosaur names a bit tricky and we have had lots of giggles trying to pronounce them! We have been creative and made our own dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils and eggs! The children had a great time going on our dinosaur egg hunt on the back field and were excited to look after our egg! We have been busy thinking of a new dinosaur name.

RIMG3061 RIMG3068 RIMG3071

This week the children have continued to look at pirate stories and we have had lots of fun writing messages to go in a bottle. The children have been trying hard to use the correct pencil grip when writing and they are producing some fantastic writing. In our maths work we have used all things pirates to make repeated patterns. The children had to try and find where our patterns had gone wrong and fix them! Next week the children have decided that they want to learn all about dinosaurs. They want to learn all their names and write them! Find out where they came from, make dinosaur eggs and fossils and measure the dinosaurs to see which ones where the longest, shortest, etc.

See what information you can find out about dinosaurs at home. If you have any dinosaur stories or information books at home please them so we can share as a class what we know.


This week the children have been reading the story ‘Whatever Next’. We have been sequencing the beginning, middle and end of the story using visual props and writing space passports for Baby Bear. In out maths work we have been using lots of positional language to describe the different positions of Baby Bear. We have also looked into the different planets as this is something that the children wanted to explore. The children went to the library to find information books about space and we found out some very interesting facts. Next week the children want to be pirates, we will be busy making boats and treasure maps and reading lots of pirate stories.

IMG_0967 RIMG0667

This week the children have been looking at the traditional story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children have been investigating which materials we would use from the story and after our survey we all decided that using bricks would keep us dry and safe! We have been looking at different houses and comparing how they are different in our daily speaking and listening sessions. We have also been practising our IT skills to design our own house.


This week the children have had lots of fun working with the Piano Academy. We are becoming fantastic musicians and we even had a go at being conductors. The children are becoming more independent at getting changed for PE and are always very helpful at helping each other to turn their clothes the right way. In our PE sessions this week we have been practising making different shapes with our bodies. The children had to try really hard to not wobble but they soon got the hang of it!

RIMG0460 RIMG0472 RIMG2806

This week the children have had lots of fun with the puzzle company. We worked together in small teams, taking turns and listening to and sharing ideas when completing mathematical puzzles. We have also started looking at Antarctica this week; we have located it on the map and talked about the environment. We have had fun reading lots of penguin stories and made our own to display in the classroom. In our mathematics we have been adding two single digit numbers together and finding the new total. The children have also been practising their handwriting skills and we are continuing our phonics work.

RIMG0957 RIMG0961 RIMG0964

This week the children have had lots of fun exploring things that are hot and cold. The children carried out an experiment this week with ice cream to see how long it would take to melt when placed in different areas of the school. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and we found out that the coldest place for our ice cream was in the shed!

The children have also been busy writing why we wouldn’t want to live Antarctica. They had to use their phonics knowledge to support them in their writing and they produced some lovely pieces of writing. In our number work the children have been busy adding two single digit numbers. We have used objects and numicon to help us solve our addition sums.