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Australia Day Celebrations

In Year 1, we looked at a variety of different Australian animals, we each had an attempt at playing the didgeridoo and we created some aboriginal-style art work using cotton buds and paint. Lastly we tried some Australian food including kangaroo burgers, emu burgers, Australian honey, vegemite and BBQ sauce.

In Year 2, we watched some traditional aboriginal dancing then created our own routines being emus and kangaroos, wearing face paint just like the traditional dancers. We even had one child playing the didgeridoo! We also recreated some aboriginal artwork with a modern twist.

In Year 3, we had a great time for Australia Day! In Maths, we used our measuring skills and baked some Anzac biscuits. We even had the opportunity to taste the biscuits in the afternoon! We also tasted Lamington cake and meringues as they are popular foods of Australia! As a class, we also looked at the culture of Australia including how their schools are different to ours. We also looked at the climate of Australia and compared it to the UK.

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