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Primary Academy

Choir Club

Wednesdays – 3:15 to 4:00pm - with Mrs Parkins

Term 4

How lovely to start our choir session off with a harmonica concert!


Term 3

Erin volunteered to lead the singing when Mrs. Parkins had a sore throat.
Great work, everyone!









We enjoyed a beautiful duet of Kumbaya. What would you like to perform to the choir?


I am the music man,
I come from far away ...
And I can play ...
What can you play? ...










Term 2

Aspen Lodge Care Home - ready to perform!
Aspen Lodge - super singing!











Term 1


"Conkers! We're collecting conkers!"

Practise it here!


This year's Christmas programme:


'Little Donkey'

'Jingle Bell Rock'

'Away in a manger'

'12 Days of Christmas'

'Happiest Time of Year'

'Rockin' around the Christmas tree'

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'

'Starry Night'


Please remember to bring your choir words every Wednesday!

We used pictures to help us with this song. Can you guess the song from the picture clues?



We loved singing The Harvest Samba!

choir dragon

We sang the Dragon Dance and made our giant choir dragon in the hall.