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Primary Academy

Reception (The Seals)

Week beginning 19.3.18 

This week in Reception the children have been exploring our new Spring season. They had lots of discussions about what happens in Spring and have had a go at writing some fantastic sentences. We our using our phonics knowledge to help us sound out words we find tricky and are beginning to remember capital letters and full stops. Take a look on Tapestry at their fantastic sentences.

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers from 1 - 20 and also a selection of numbers to order from smallest to biggest. Our next mission is practising our number formation! In class, the children have been getting creative and used pastel paints to paint observational painting of Spring flowers. Their attention to detail can really be seen and we are looking forward to putting them on display.

Week beginning 12.3.18 


Week beginning 5.3.18 

This week we continued with our work from last week. We had lots to catch up on! We have been busy reading the book 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We were listening very carefully to the different poems and trying very hard to spot the rhyming words. We were also checking our understanding of different vocabulary such as 'scampering' and 'sniperty-snip, claperty-clap'.

We have also been practising writing sentences about different sea creatures. Our trip to the Aquarium was fantastic and it gave us loads of information to write about the different sea creatures. The children have also tried very hard and are looking forward to showing our amazing work during our school assembly.

Week beginning 26.2.18 


Week beginning 19.2.18 

This week in Reception we have started our new topic - 'Under the Sea'. The children had a lovely surprise on their first day back and found that we had goldfish in the classroom! We researched all about how to look after the fish and so far they are doing well! We have decided to name them Goldy, Sparkly and Stripy. The children have also helped label different parts of a fish and today they had the opportunity to dissect a fish (not their pet ones)! We have also done our own science experiement to see how fish use their gills to breathe.

In Maths, we have been busy using the numicon to help us add two numbers together. The children did a great job! We are also practising really hard with our handwriting and writing on the line. Keep up the good work boys and girls!

Week beginning 5.2.18 

This week in reception we ahve finished our work on Space. Our Solar System is now complete and is on display in the corridor. The children and staff have worked very hard and it looks amazing! They have had lots of fun learning different facts about the planets and having a go at naming them all! In Maths, we have been looking at different 3D shapes. The children have been naming them and discussing their properties. They even had a go at making their very own 3D shapes with Miss Buyers.

The children are continuing to work hard on their letter formation. they will be bringing home a letter formation sheet so you can practise with them too. Thank you for all your contributions on Tapestry. It's been lovely to see what they are getting up to at home and don't forget the 'Home Learning Challenges' posted earlier in the week. Have a lovely half term.

Week beginning 29.1.18 

This week we have again been exploring everthing Space! the children are working very hard to finish off our solar system and are being very creative and paying lots of attention to detail to make our plants look real!

we have also been reading a David Walliams book called 'The first Hippo on the Moon'. It's very a very funny story and the children have enjoyed comparing the different characters in the story and looking at new features such as speech bubbles. The children also had a fantastic time at making their own rockets, just like Hercules, with their grown-ups. It was a fantastic turn out and I hope you all had a fantastic time. The rockets the children made were amazing!

In our Maths the children have been comparing different lengths using the correct terminology. We are also working hard to practise our handwriting and the children are very proud of their work!

Week beginning 22.1.18 

This week in reception the children have been reading Aliens Love Underpants'. In our maths work, we have been looking at patterns and discussing the different patterns on pants! The children then had to design their own patterns for a pair of pants. In English, we have been discussing the difference between fiction and non fiction books all about space. In Art, the children have continued to make their very own solar system in the classroom. So far we have made Earth, Mars, the Sun and Saturn.

Don't forget next week is our 'Learning Together Event'. Please rmember to bring all your junk modelling materials ready to make a 3D rocket with your child. We are all looking forward to it, see you there!

Week beginning 

This week in  Reception, we have continued to look at space and we have been reading the story Back to earth with a bump!'. The children really enjoyed the story and it gave us an idea of what we would take in a rocket to space. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and lots of children wanted to take money in case there were any shops! We even got creative to make our own rocket bed from the story for our role play area.

In Maths, we have been looking at the names and properties of 2D shapes. We went into the hall to work in teams and make a big rocket on the floor. The children had to talk about the different shapes they were using and why. In our PE, the children have been practising their balancing and catching skills with bean bags. They have lots of fun with Mr Parker and always look forward to PE.

Week beginning 8.1.18 

This week in Reception we have been to space and back! We have been reading the story ‘Whatever Next’, following baby bear on his journey to space. We have been making ourselves passports to go to the moon and the children tried very hard with their writing.

 In our maths we have also been looking at cutting something in half and making sure the parts are equal. The children had to put this skill into practise to make a sandwich for a picnic just like Baby Bear.  We have had two sessions of PE this week, one with Mr Parker, where the children were practising their throwing and catching skills, and one where we had a visit from JB the dog mascot.


Week Beginning 4.1.18 


  Week beginning 11.12.17

In Reception this week we have been super busy getting ready for Christmas. We have written in our Christmas cards and put the finishing touches on our calendars. In Maths, we have been looking at weighing and the children have been investigating which objects will be heavier or lighter. They have even used their weighing skills to help them bake some delicious shortbread for Christmas.

The children have also had fun with JB sports in the hall. They really enjoyed listening to the story and acting it out in PE. They were very tired when they came back and had burned off lots of energy.


Week beginning 4.12.17


This week in Reception the children have been super busy getting themselves ready for the Nativity. We have been practising very hard and we are looking forward to showing you all next week. We have been stretching ourselves with challenge cards in Maths all linking with buses, demonstrating our addition, subtraction and counting skills. The children have also worked hard on creating a story involving the Naughty Bus and Santa!

The children were very excited to help get their classroom all ready for Christmas and help us with our decorations. I wonder if they are going to spot our new classroom visitor too! He’s come all the way from the North Pole and he’s very good at making good choices!


Week beginning 27.11.17

This week in Reception the children have started to look at our book, ‘The Naughty Bus’. We have turned our role play area into a bus station and we even have a bus! The children are enjoying the story and the different places he goes to and the chaos he causes! We are using our maths skills to pay for tickets to go on the bus, developing our addition skills with the number of people getting onto the bus and using our phonics skills to help with their writing.

The children are having such a fun time in PE with Mr Parker, developing  their gymnastic skills. The children have also impressed Mr Parker with their fantastic behaviour and listening skills and he always gives the class lots of praise for their fantastic efforts.


Week beginning 20.11.17 

This week in Reception we have continued to look at our story of The Naughty Bus. We have had lots of fun getting busy with baked beans, just like the naughty bus did, and we have also been discussing all about the importance of road safety, making our own traffic lights. We have also been using buses to help us with our subtraction, working out how many people are left when they get  off the bus!

The children are working very hard as soon as they get to school with their ‘Pop writing’ and we are busy sounding out, writing with the correct letter formation and holding our pens correctly. We have also started our Nativity rehearsals and the children are working very hard and remembering all of our songs!

Week Beginning 13.11.17

This week in Reception the children have continued our Cinderella theme. We have had another busy worker job to help Gus Gus the mouse find his missing cheese and the children have been busy creating ‘wanted’ posters for Cinderella’s missing shoe and order the main events in the story.

In Maths, the children have also started adding two numbers together. We can recognise the symbols in our addition sentences and are busy using our numicon (Maths resources) to help us work out the answer. Mrs Warren wowed the children during one of the Maths sessions with her special magic trick for adding two numbers together. The children were amazed and Mrs Warren has been busy making magic for the rest of the week!

Week Beginning 6.11.17 


Week Beginning 31.10.17 


Week Beginning 16.10.17 


Week Beginning 09.10.17 

This Week in Reception, the boys and girls decided that they would like ‘robots’ to be the focus for their learning. The children have spent their speaking and listening time reading the story of Bernard the Robot who lost his bottom! The children found the story funny but could also work together as a class to come up with some fantastic ideas and solutions to the story. We talked about how kind Bernard’s friends were and compared his friends to how kind we are.

We have also been busy making robots out of play dough and biscuits. We have been using our knowledge of shapes to make robots with the ‘tap taps’ and ‘numicon’ (resources in our classroom). We are making great progress in phonics and our blending is almost there! Keep up the good work everyone.


Week Beginning 02.10.17 

This week in Reception, the children have had a problem to solve! On Wednesday poor Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and made a mess on the playground! The children had to work as detectives to solve the problem and came up with some fantastic ideas to fix him together again. The next day we were all very excited when a parcel arrived in the classroom. It was Humpty Dumpty and he was fixed! The boys and girls were so excited that their ideas had worked and celebrated for the rest of the day.

In phonics, the children are continuing to work very hard and we are making huge progress with blending. In Maths, we have also been learning about repeating patterns and making our own. In our topic work, the children are discussing the changes in weather and what we need to wear now the weather is getting colder.


Week Beginning 25.09.17

This week in Reception the children have continued to look at Autumn and have been reading lots of stories all about Percy the Park Keeper. We have been talking about different animals that we see in Autumn and talking about which animals hibernate. The children have also been on the back field on a hedgehog hunt and were excited to find a letter from a hedgehog asking the boys and girls for their help to build a cosy shelter!

We our continuing with our phonics and the children are trying hard with their blending. We have also started to look at lots of 2D shapes in our maths work and discuss the different properties of shapes.


Week Beginning 18.09.17 

This week the boys and girls have been learning all about Harvest time and Autumn. We have been busy making lots of artwork to decorate our classroom and have been on a woodland walk to spot different signs of Autumn. The children have been very creative in helping Mrs Johnson make a tree for our classroom using plaster of Paris. It was a messy job but we all had fun.

We have also looked at flour and where it comes from and the children have been busy making bread. It smelt delicious and some children have come back to school and said it was yummy! Today we are busy making a vegetable stew and the children are busy helping us peel and chop the vegetables.


Week Beginning 11.09.17 

This week the children have had a fantastic full week at school. They are getting more and more used to their routines and are enjoying school life. We have started our phonics sessions and the children are picking up the new sounds very quickly. We also had our first PE lesson this week and the children were very good at getting changed. They even impressed all the other adults in school with how their first PE session went and how grown up they all seem. Well done boys and girls.  Next week we will start looking at the Harvest Festival and Autumn.


Week Beginning 04.09.17 

Accordion content

The children in Reception have had a fantastic first week at school. They are all getting to know each other and are busy making lots of new friends. The adults in Reception are very impressed with their confidence and they’re settling into school life well.

We have had lots of time getting to know our new routines and getting stuck in with lots of activities. The children are aware of our behaviour policy and are keen to show us how they use their kind hands and make lots of good choices. Dinner time yesterday was a success and the children were so excited to be having their dinner at school! Next week we will start our PE sessions and the children are looking forward to getting changed at school.

Thank you for all your support during your child’s transition.