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Year 1 (The Penguins)

Week beginning 2.7.18


Week beginning 25.6.18

This week in English we have created some acrostic poems about spiders. First we did one together as a class with the topic word penguins and then we had a practice using our names before we moved on to create our spider one. We thought that this could be a little tricky for the children and even the adults struggled for ideas for some letters but the children were amazing. They blew us away with their ideas and have produced some fantastic poems.

In Maths we have recapped our knowledge of fractions. We started off by testing our knowledge on fractions. We then used this to help us figure out what we needed to remind ourselves about. Some of us challenged ourselves to work out three quarters of shapes and amounts too.

As you will now know, the children worked extremely hard on their riddles for the Young Writers Competition. We are very proud of each and every one of them for their hard work. It is very unlikely that a whole class is chosen to be published so this shows just how hard the children worked.

Have a lovely weekend in the sun. 

Week beginning 18.6.18

In English we are still carrying on with our spider learning. We had a fantastic time with the author of The Weaver and created some beautiful webs on the playground. We have also been using the facts we found about spiders to create a persuasive letter. Most of us decided we liked spiders and have chosen to do a letter to persuade people spiders are not scary but some of us have decided to do a letter to persuade people that spiders really are scary. The children are producing some fantastic work about spiders and we are extremely proud of them.

In Maths, we have recapped our knowledge of telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. Some of us have even moved on to quarter past and quarter to. We have then put our knowledge to the test and solved some time problems. We have been superstars in Maths this week.

We have had another Fuzz Buzz session and have now set ourselves the challenge to see if we can get to a higher level next week than what we did this week. I am positive that this is a challenge they will have no problem in completing.

Week beginning 11.6.18 

In English, we have carried on with our spider learning and are very excited for our author workshop next week based on the book called The Weaver. We have been finding out all sorts of facts about spiders and have used the information to create a fact file. The children are really enjoying their spider learning.

In Maths, we have been using our mathematical knowledge to solve problems. This has been challenging for us but we have enjoyed applying our skills.

In Geography, we have had a quiz to test our knowledge of the United Kingdom and the countries that are in it. We also had to see if we could remember the capital cities. This made our brain hurt a bit!

We have had our final JB adventures session of the school year. JB took the children on a treasure hunt. They had an amazing time but JB said that Mr Parker had stolen the treasure chest so they are ready to give him a telling off when they see him on Wednesday.

The children have all worked hard with their phonic challenges and we are very proud of them.

Week beginning 4.6.18 

We had a fantastic, busy first week back at school and it has been lovely to see all the children again.

In English, we have moved our learning onto Spiders ready for our author workshop on the book called The Weaver. We went for a trip down to our woodland area to listen to the beginning of the story and then find spiders. Miss Short ended up with a frog in her shoe! We thought this was very funny. We are now writing our own middle and ending to the beginning that we listened to.

In Maths, we were learning about turns. It can be really tricky to know what quarter, half, three quarter and whole turns are especially when we add in clockwise and anti-clockwise but the children have done fantastically. We enjoyed going outside to practice too.

In Computing, we started to use the game Fuzz Buzz on learn code. The children absolutely loved this game and are counting down the days until our next computing session. I have added some instructions for how to play the game at home in case any children want too. It will be on our Year 1 page on the website.

Fuzz Buzz Instructions 

Instruction document attached at the bottom of the page.

Week beginning 21.5.18 

Year 1 News

We had a fantastic time on our trip on Friday. The children asked some fantastic questions at the Lifeboat Station and learnt all about how to stay safe when they are near water. We observed the changes over the decades that we could see to the Pier and the beach. The children then finished their day spending their golden time having an ice cream and playing on the beach.

This week in English, we have been writing a diary entry from Mr McGregor. We thought about what Mr McGregor might do in a day and then put our ideas together to form our diary entry. The children have produced some fantastic work and we have enjoyed reading them.

In Maths, we used our knowledge of weight to bake some royal biscuits. They were very tasty! We then moved on and have had a day on each type of calculation. The children have enjoyed showing off their skills and impressing us with their knowledge.

The children are ready for a well-earned rest. Have a super week!


 Week beginning 14.5.18

Year 1 News

In English we have been finding out all about Mr McGregor. The children wrote some fantastic questions and then we did some role play to find out the answers. The children have then used this information to write a letter to Peter Rabbit from Mr McGregor.

In Maths we have been looking at length and height. We have measured Mr McGregor’s carrots and then measured ourselves to discover who was the tallest and who was the shortest.

We have completed our learning about the changes in the beach and are extremely excited to go and check the changes out for ourselves on our trip. We will update you on how this went next week.



Week beginning 7.5.18 

Year 1 News


In English, we have been writing an information text all about Beatrix Potter. The children used the ipads to search for some facts about her and then have used what they found to make an information text. We have been using sub headings and trying to make sure we put the right information in the section.

In Maths, we have been looking at Capacity. We were measuring using non-standard units and then we moved on to looking at what standard units can be used. We then put our knowledge of ml and l to the test and had to make a milkshake. We had to measure out 100ml of milk and if we got it right we were allowed to drink the milkshake. They were extremely tasty.

In Guided Reading, we have looked at our Karaoke Comprehension again. We listened and sung along to Michael Jackson ‘Man in the Mirror’ and then had to use our thinking skills to answer questions about the lyrics.

Have a great weekend.



Week beginning 30.4.18 

Year 1 News

It has been another busy week in Year 1!

In English, we have been planning and writing up our riddles to enter into a Young Writer’s competition. This is the first time the pupils have looked at riddles and they have done a fantastic job!

In Maths, we have been looking at Money. Each child has had a set amount of money to spend at the Year 1 shop. They have had to work out what items they can afford to buy and how much money they will have left over.

In Science, the children have learnt about a range of different trees. They had to sort the trees out into two groups; deciduous trees or evergreen trees.

In History, we have explored how Skegness Seafront has changed over the years and we have discussed how this has impacted on the town. We will be visiting Skegness Seafront/Beach in a few weeks’ time to view some of these changes first hand and to visit Skegness Lifeboat Station.


Week beginning 23.4.18 

Year 1 News

This week in English we have been retelling The Tale of Peter Rabbit. We have been focussing on including everything in our story sandwich and having a clear beginning, middle and end. The children have really impressed us with the little parts of information that they remember from the story.

In Maths this week we have focussed on Fractions. We looked at a half and a quarter of a shape and then moved on to look at a half and a quarter of a quantity. The children have worked really hard.

We used the news of the new royal baby to discuss the royal family and have a guess what we each thought the new prince would be called. Lots of children thought James was a good name.

We planted our sunflower seeds in Science this week. We will be observing them each week to discuss any changes that happen. Fingers crossed they grow.

We have had a large number of children not bringing their reading packs to school every day. Please can you ensure your child brings them each day as we read our home reading books daily.

Week beginning 16.4.18  

Welcome back we hope you had a lovely Easter break.

This week in Year 1, we have started to look at Peter Rabbit for our topic ‘What a Wonderful World’ we have read ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ and then written character descriptions for the main character. We were shocked to discover that Mr McGregor might not be as mean as we first thought.

In Maths, we have continued to look at the unstructured number line and how we add and subtract in 10s and 1s. This is really challenging but we are doing a fab job.

We have enjoyed having JB Adventures back to join us and had a fantastic story and PE session with them imagining that we were in the jungle.

We now have balanceability on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday children will only need to bring their helmets but Wednesday children will need their helmet and their bike. Please check the list on the classroom door if you are unsure what day your child’s session is on.

Have a super weekend.


 Week beginning 26.3.18

We had a super last few days before breaking up for the Easter holiday.

In English we made Easter Nests and then wrote instructions so that others knew how to make them if they wanted. They were extremly tasty and we had great fun.

In Maths we moved on to look at subtraction on an unstructured number line. Subtracting 10s can be tricky but we tried very hard.

We enjoyed our music session with Mrs Taylor. We got to do paper plate skating as a treat, which we really enjoy.

Have a lovely, safe break.


Week beginning 19.3.18 

In English this week we have combined our learning with what we have been learning in RE. We learnt all about the Easter story and why Christians believe we celebrate Easter. We found it a little bit tricky to begin with so we used drama to act out the story, which we were amazing at! We then played each scene back to help us write the story. The children have worked so hard and we are really impressed with them.

In Maths, we have revisited multiplication this week. We are all fantastic at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s now. We were so good we quickly moved on to some challenging worded questions. Some even required us to use more than one operation but we did this without a problem.

In Music, we were writing notation. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing the children are at this. They all knew what each note looked like and could write them down from listening to a tune once. We definitely have a very musical class.

Week beginning 12.3.18 

In English this week we have written a letter to Aunt Lucy so that she knows all about Paddington’s adventures. We also let her know that he had arrived back in London. We are looking forward to finding out what Paddington is going to do now he is back in London.

In Maths we have revisited division. Some of us got a little confused with this to begin with but we are now Maths Magicians and are solving division problems well. Everyone has worked hard with Maths this week and we are very proud of them.

In geography we have written our weather reports and we are beginning to record them, the children watched a real weather report and used the details to write their own. Some of the detail that the children put in was fantastic. Well done for all of their hard work.



Week beginning 5.3.18 

In English this week we have finished writing our stories all about Paddington and moved on to writing an invitation to invite all our grown-ups into school next week. We have worked really hard on our invitations and are really looking forward to next week.

In Maths we have continued to look at telling the time and solving time problems. This has been a challenge for us but we have been working very hard.

We have enjoyed our PE session with Mr Parker. We were able to go outside this week, which made our hockey session much more enjoyable.

In Geography we have continued to look at the weather and how the seasons can change the weather. We will be writing and recording our own weather reports next week. We might just find a future TV weather reporter!

Have a great weekend.



Week beginning 26.2.18 

This week we only had 2 days at school beacuse of the snow. We still managed to fit in writing the middle of our stories and in Maths we started to look at telling the time. In Geography we looked at types of weather in the UK, we decided that blizzards were not really a weather we see in the UK and then the snow came to prove us wrong.


Week beginning 19.2.18 

In English this week, we have started to write a story all about Paddington in Antarctica ready for our school story writing competition. We are really excited to be in with a chance of winning so we are trying our best to make sure our stories are amazing.

In Maths, we have looked at 3D shapes and their properties, we had great fun building a castle and then labelling all the shapes that we could see. We also moved on to telling the time and blew our grown-ups away with how fantastic we are at it.

We have enjoyed our first PE session of the term with Mr Parker. We are doing Hockey this term and we had great fun finding out how you control the ball with the hockey stick.

We have been enjoying our phonics sessions watching Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe and practicing our new sounds. You can watch Mr Thorne at home too, just type in ‘Mr Thorne does Phonics’ into YouTube.

Week Beginning 5.2.18 

Year 1 News


This week in Year 1, we have moved on to missing number problems and began to look at the inverse and what this means. The children have got on fantastically well with this and have really impressed us.

In English, we have been busy writing a recount about our trip to The Deep, these have been brilliant to read, some of the children even included the part of the day when they had to go to the toilet. We have been looking at onomatopoeia and trying to add this into our writing too.

Team 4 have won this terms stick man spelling game. This is where we have to spell our common exception words correctly so we don’t lose the stick man’s body parts. Well done to team 4! They have chosen to have popcorn and a short film as their treat for winning.

We have been busy putting together some personalised learning packs for your child to take home. These will be ready for you to use over half term.

Have a great half term holiday.



Week Beginning 29.1.18

This week, Paddington sent us some African animals and they caused quite a stir. We went for a hunt around school to search for them and picked up some clues along the way.

As a result of our excitement and inspiring context for learning, we have created some fantastic learning outcomes. In Art, we have done some fantastic African artwork and we have also written a set of instructions, including using some great bossy verbs (imperative verbs).

In Maths, we have been revisiting our understanding of halves and have been learning about how to find a quarter of a shape or a quantity. We  have really impressed all of the adults with our amazing knowledge.

The end to the week could not have been better with a fabulous trip to The Deep to further enhance our learning about the equator. We have also found out a lot of information about the weather in the North and South Poles. What a brilliant experience it has been and what a fun and engaging learning experience we have had this week.




Week Beginning 22.1.18 

Year 1 News


This week in Year 1, we have been looking at positional language and turns. We really enjoyed beginning this with a PE session to get us used to using positional language. We have got on really well with making turns and are beginning to understand what clockwise and anti-clockwise means.

In English, we have been writing a postcard to Aunt Lucy. We received Paddington’s suitcase back and discovered he had been all the way to Africa. We were very excited and have enjoyed writing to tell Aunt Lucy all about it.

We were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to meet somebody who lives in Peru. Cristina, Kiera’s Auntie, came into school to tell the children all about life in Peru. We even got to taste some fizzy pop that they have in Peru. This was a fantastic experience for the children and enabled them to clarify things they had discovered from Paddington’s first letter. The children have made some brilliant information texts to explain all about life in Peru.

We are looking forward to our trip to The Deep next week and are excited for the geography workshop they will be providing us. We are excited to learn about the weather of the world and what that means for different animals.


Week beginning 15.1.18 

Year 1 News!

This week in Year 1, we have been looking at addition on an unstructured number line.  This has been tricky just drawing a straight line with a ruler let alone making sure we have put the right numbers or drawn the correct number of hops.

In English, we have made a handwriting contract that we need to follow so that we can make sure our writing is the best it can be all the time. We have now moved on to writing poems to describe African animals. We are patiently awaiting the return of Paddington’s suitcase so we can discover where he has been since Peru.

In computing we have begun to look at algorithms and how we can programme electronic devices. We are working on creating a video to explain to other classes how to use a bee-bot.

Thank you to Piano Academy for our fabulous sessions. We are getting so much better at following a beat and rhythm and love learning new songs to apply our beat and rhythm skills.


Week Beginning 8.1.18 

Year 1 News!

This week in Year 1, we have been looking at addition and adding in multiples of 10. We are getting ready to look at the unstructured number line and practicing adding in tens and ones.

In English, we have received Paddington’s suitcase back. He has sent us some pictures and artefacts from Peru. He even sent us a flag. We have used all the information in Paddington’s letter to write an information text all about Peru. Ask your child what the main delicacy is; they were very shocked!

It has been great to get back into our PE sessions and we even had another visit from JB the dog. We have had a super full week back at school.

Week Beginning 4.1.18

We had an amazing first two days back. On Friday we had a problem solving day. Miss Short gave us a jelly baby to keep safe all day. If we managed it we got a prize and a certificate. It was extremely hard for us not to loose or eat our jelly baby.

Week Beginning 11.12.17 

Year 1 News!


This week in Year 1, we have been learning about division and sharing lots of different amounts. The children have tried really hard with this and have impressed us with their determination.


In English, we are re-writing the story ‘There’s a Snake in my School’. We made a story map to help us sequence the events and we have now begun writing the story. We have been focusing on our handwriting and making sure our writing is on the line.


We have evaluated our DT design and written about what we thought went well and what we would improve. Thank you to all that attended our DT join in session. The children absolutely loved having you come in to make their designs with them.


JB the dog has been into school again for our JB adventures PE session. This time the children imagined they were going to a firework display and created a dance. They had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoy JB coming in to work with them.

Have a super weekend! Santa will soon be here.

Week Beginning 4.12.17 

This week in Maths we have been looking at repeated addition and multiplication. We had to try hard to count in 2's 5's and 10's. This was a real challenge for some of us but we gave it our best effort. We also learnt all about Christingle and what a christinge was. We then had a go at making our own.


Week Beginning 27.11.17

This week in Year 1, we have been learning about fractions and finding a half. We made pizzas to help us understand that a half is 1 of 2 equal parts. We really enjoyed this!

In English, we have written a newspaper report to let everyone know that Penelope (the snake) ate Miss Bloat (the Head Teacher) in our book ‘There’s a Snake in my School’. We have also written letters to Santa and we have given them to Mrs Crow to post so that he knows what we are hoping to get. We are so excited for Christmas!

Our Nativity is coming together perfectly and we are looking forward to performing to you next week.


Week Beginning 20.11.17 

This week in Year 1, we have continued to look at money and using our addition knowledge to make totals, this has been a little tricky at times. We have also focussed on our counting in 2’s and realising we have to add 2 each time. Next week we will begin looking at fractions.

In English, we have written our letters to Santa and put them in an envelope ready to send to him, so that we don’t miss the deadline.  We are waiting in anticipation for our replies. How exciting!

We have been practicing really hard for our nativity and are really looking forward to you coming to see it. We are going to begin with dress rehearsals next week.

We have finalised our DT animal designs and will be bringing them home for you to see today. We cannot wait for you to come to school and help us turn our designs into creations.

See you on Monday!

Week beginning 13th November 2017 

This week in Year 1 we have been rather busy. We started the week practicing hard for our class assembly. The children were amazing in the class assembly and we are very proud of them.

In English, we have created a story map to help us with our writing. We have been using the story map to talk through it so when we came to write our ending of the story we knew what to put. It has been fun making our story maps and doing actions to help us retell it.

In Maths we have moved on to looking at money. We have looked at all of the coins and the value of them. We have also begun using our addition knowledge to make totals and find totals of coins. The children have been getting on really well with this and now have a much better knowledge of what the coins are worth. That could be unlucky for parents!

We have started to design our animals ready for our ‘Learning Together event’. We are really looking forward to this and we hope you can all come.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week beginning 6th November 2017 

This week has been all about telling the time. We have used our story to find out what Miranda and Penelope does at different times of the day. We have also read all of the book in English except for the last page because Miss Short has made us make our own endings up before we get to find out what really happened. We have had great fun doing this.


In science we have been looking at the different animal groups and we had a go at trying to put the animals into the correct place before we were told anything about them.


Week beginning 31st October 2017 

Welcome back!

This week in Year 1, we have moved on to our topic ‘Happily Ever After’ and we are focusing on the book 'There’s a Snake in my School' by David Walliams.

In English, the children have listened to the story and written  posters for the missing headmistress. We have used our adjectives to describe what Miss Bloat looks like.

In Maths, we have carried on measuring in non-standard units and have begun to look at standard units such as cm and m. We had great fun measuring snakes.

The children are really excited to be learning about the gunpowder plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We are trying hard to learn the rhyme for remembering the 5th of November.

We have certainly had a busy 4 days!

Week beginning 16th October 2017 

In English we have been focusing on the Story of Rama and Sita and have had a go at writing the story. We have done a super job at this and really blown Miss Short and Mrs Porter away with our effort. We had to remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, which is sometimes a little tricky!

We thoroughly enjoyed our last Football session with Mr. Parker from JB Coaching. We have learnt a variety of different skills including dribbling and keeping control of the ball.

In Maths, we have looked at shape and naming common 2D shapes, we have even made Rangoli patterns using our shapes in RE when we learnt about Diwali.

We really enjoyed our Diwali day, we made diva lamp holders and got to taste the types of food that they would have at the festival. We are certainly very busy in Year 1 and will be ready for the holiday.



Week beginning 9th October 2017 

In English, we have been looking at rhyme and identifying rhyming words and rhyming couplets in poems. We have even attempted to write our own poem all about Harvest. This has been a little tricky but we have all tried really hard.

In Maths, we have been looking at our number bonds to 10. We created a Maths story map all about Jeffrey the class Fox and Jigsaw Jack having a trip into Skegness to learn their number bonds. We have been fantastic at this and it has really helped us with our learning.



In Science, we were sense detectives and used our senses to solve a mystery. The children thoroughly enjoyed using their senses and finding the answers to the clues.

We have had another brilliant music session with Mrs Taylor this week too.

We are always busy in Year 1! Enjoy your weekend!



Week beginning 2nd October 2017 

In English we have had our first attempt at story writing. We are re-telling the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. The children have been trying very hard to remember our class sentence potion (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops) and to also include conjunctions, to write on the line and to our form letters beautifully. So far, Miss Short and Mrs Porter have been very impressed!

In Maths, we have looked at how to solve worded subtraction problems. We need to remember to circle the key information in our worded problem to help us write our calculation that we need to solve. Year 1 are Maths wizards!

In History, we are learning about Queen Elizabeth 1, her cruel ways and disgusting habits; something the children have really relished hearing about!

In RE, we attended a mock Christening; some of the Year 1 pupils acted out the roles of the parents, vicar and godparents. We learned that a Christening is to welcome the baby into God’s family and that the parents and godparents promise to support the baby and teach them about God as they grow older. The class then returned back to the village hall (Year 1 classroom) for a Christening party where we all enjoyed a yummy piece of Christening cake.

Another busy week in Year 1! Enjoy some well-deserved rest over the weekend!


Week beginning 25th September 2017 

In English we have still been looking at adding verbs to our sentences. We have been doing extremely well with this and remembering what a verb is. We have focused on the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ as next week the children are going to have a go at writing the story themselves.

In Maths we have focused on finding one more and one less than any given number up to 100! This has sometimes been a little tricky but we are getting there. We have also looked at subtraction on a number line. We have really impressed Miss Short and Mrs Porter with our number line skills.

In Geography, we have learned the countries that make up the United Kingdom, and their capital cities.

In PE we are continuing to learn our football skills.

Week beginning 18th September 2017 

We have had a super week; it feels like we have been always been Year One!

In English, we have still been focusing on our nouns and adjectives but we have gone one step further and are now adding verbs to our sentences. Miss Short and Mrs Porter have been really impressed with us.

In Maths, we have moved onto solving worded addition problems, whilst using a structured number line. We have been brilliant at this!

Miss Wright came to join us for a morning this week too and she was blown away with how fantastic we are and how much we have learned in the first three weeks of Year 1.

We may say this a lot...Year One is really hectic, but we are loving the challenge!



Week beginning 11th September 2017 

Well...the second week is nearly finished already and what a busy week we have had!

In English, we have learned what a determiner is, what a noun is and what an adjective is and how to put these together to make a noun phrase. Some of our favourites were:

The beautiful girl.

The enormous elephant.

The pink bike.

In Maths, we have been continuing to practise our counting and developing our knowledge of number, by looking at place value and adding on a structured number line. We are getting very confident with this! We are Maths superstars in Year 1! Looking at our number formation is also a key focus for us.

The children have enjoyed learning some interesting and quite 'gross' facts about Queen Elizabeth 1 in History. The children commented that she had not always made good choices when she was queen.

Other areas that we have covered this week include: Phonics, Music with Mrs Taylor from the Piano Academy, internet safety in Computing, learning about the artist Piet Mondrian in Art, celebrations in RE, a visit from Mrs Sherwood from Skegness Eco Centre, our first group reading sessions in Guided Reading and we have met our new PE teacher Mr Parker for a fantastic football skills session.

We will all be looking forward to a rest this weekend! :)



Week beginning 4th September 2017 

It’s been our first week in Year One and we have been very busy with our learning. We have been practising our writing skills and we have even learnt all about conjunctions. We have looked at our numbers and have practiced counting all the way to 100 and then back down to 0. We did an experiment to find out if touching bread with dirty hands would make it go mouldy quicker to help us learn all about germs. The children loved licking their hands before touching the bread.

This term is going to be amazing and we are looking forward to it!