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Primary Academy

Year 3 (The Pandas)

Week Beginning 11/12/17



Week Beginning 4/12/17

What an exciting week we have had! In English, we have been impressing Mrs Foxwell with our writing skills. We have completed many writing assessments and we have even written our own Kenning poem about Christmas.

In Topic, we have written the Christmas Story using our Year 3 Writing Checklist. We have made sure we include, powerful adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs.

In Maths this week, we have taken part in a 3D shape hunt and have been recognising regular and irregular shapes. We are now shape experts.

In SPAG, we have focused on changing adjectives into adverbs by adding the ‘ly suffix. We have been learning all about suffixes and prefixes.



Week Beginning 27/11/17

In English, we have been looking at the book ‘Coming Home’. We have looked at how language, structure and presentation contribute to the meaning of the text. We have also drawn our own text map of the story and have started to plan our own version of Coming Home.

In Maths, we have been focusing on money. We have looked at the value of money, solved calculations and solved money problems.

In Science, as part of our unit of light, we have looked at the importance of keeping safe in the sun. We have spoken about wearing protective clothing including, sun glasses and sun cream.

In Guided Reading, we have been looking at Reading Eggs and exploring all of the exciting things we can buy with our eggs. Please remember to log on to Reading Eggs at home!



Week Beginning 20/11/17

In English, we have been using our letter writing skills and have written a letter to Santa. We had a very exciting visit too this week, Santa came and left us a lovely letter! He even left a mince pie behind!

In Maths, we have been continuing to use our measuring skills. We have been reading weighing scales accurately. We have even used our measuring skills to make some gingerbread - they smelt and tasted amazing!

In R.E, we have been looking at the creation story and have completed an assessed piece of writing all about The Garden of Eden.

In Art, we have been continuing our study on Monet and have completed paintings in the style of Monet. Mrs Dawber was very impressed with us.

We have also had some lovely visitors from Butlins who told us lots of information all about Butlins and how it has changed over years. It was great to welcome these visitors into school and we really appreciate the support and information that we received.



Week Beginning 13/11/17 

In English, we have been identifying the features of letter writing. We have planned our own and have written some fantastic formal letters using some very persuasive language.

In Maths, we have been working on measuring skills. We have been measuring different amounts of liquid in ml and litres. We have been using our estimating and measuring skills to make sure we are very accurate.

In Topic, we have drawn our own timeline all about Billy Butlin’s life. We have spoken about the importance of key events in history and what makes an event important. We have also spoken about how Butlins in Skegness has changed over the years.

In PSHE (Jigsaw), we have been discussing the importance of being a fantastic friend and have identified qualities of a good friend. Mrs Foxwell has been looking for children being super role models and showing their kindness to each other.


Week Beginning 6/11/17 

In English, we have identified the key features of a newspaper article and we have started to write our own. The children were given the opportunity to write their own report all about Butlins. We have also started to look at homophones and include them in our writing.

In Maths, we have been solving fraction problems and we have been adding and subtracting fractions.

In Topic, we have been focusing on Christianity. We have been looking at the bible story Feeding The 5,000. We have discussed what the story is about, how was Jesus able to feed 5,000 people and whether there is a moral to the story?

In PE with Mr Parker, we have moved onto gymnastics looking at levels, balancing and controlled movements. Everyone is really enjoying  these sessions.

As a class, we have started to write our class assembly as part of a team to improve our script writing. We are looking forward to seeing you next week.


Week Beginning 30/10/17

We have had a busy first week back. In English, we have been identifying features of a newspaper report. We have also started to plan our own newspaper reports all about Butlins. Mrs Foxwell has been calling us ‘mini journalists’ this week!

In Maths, we have been focusing on fractions. We have been identifying fractions of quantities and working out equivalent fractions. We have also been solving problems and counting in multiples of 6’s and 7’s.

In Science, we have started our new unit all about light. We have been investigating how shadows are formed and how reflections are created.

In Art, we have been creating pieces of art in the style of Monet. Mrs Dawber has been very         impressed by our artistic skills and creativity.


Week Beginning 16/10/17 

In Maths, we have been solving problems and using our ‘Problem Solving Checklist’ to help us solve some very tricky problems. We have also been impressing Mrs Foxwell by completing lots of assessments and we have been practicing counting in multiples of 6 and 11.

In English, we have written our own poems inspired by the poem Imagine by Pie Corbett. We have used our imagination to create some very inspiring and creative poetry!

In Topic, we have continued our investigation about Lincolnshire and have even tried some Lincolnshire sausages. As part of our Science work, we have investigated what is the healthiest way to cook sausages. As a class, we decided to cook the sausages in the oven and then we used our maths skills to work out what time they would be ready! They tasted delicious.

We have worked very hard this term and all of the adults in Year 3 are very proud of us.




Week Beginning 9/10/17 

In Maths, we have been learning about time, focusing on O’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to; some children have progressed their learning and can tell the time to the nearest five minutes.

In English, we have continued our poem learning and have looked at Pie Corbett’s famous poem ‘When I heard the music’. We have even started to write our own version using our imagination, memories and thoughts.

In Science, we conducted an investigation to see which crisps had the highest salt and fat intake. We tried Prawn Cocktail Pringles, Salt and Vinegar Walkers, BBQ Sunbites and Quavers. After a mixed reaction to the taste of the chosen crisps, we found from our investigation that salt and vinegar Walkers had the highest fat intake and Pringles were highest in salt.

In topic, we have finished our famous landmark information guide and have started to look at what we could do next term that fits into our chosen learning areas, some suggestions included trips to Disney land, cake baking and chocolate testing!



Week Beginning 2/10/17 

In English, we have been identifying the features of a Kenning poem. We have also written our own Kennings based on our topic work, all about famous landmarks in the UK. We have written about Stonehenge, York Minster and Angel of the North.

In Maths, we have been focusing on division and solving division calculations using a variety of methods. We have also been solving division problems by using our own ‘problem solving checklist’.

In Topic, we have been designing our own information guide all about famous landmarks in the UK. Ask us all about it!

In P.E, we have been improving our football skills and putting them into practice during break times. Mr Parker is very impressed with us and we hope to play a match next week.


Week Beginning 25/9/2017 

In Maths, we have been solving multiplication calculations using a number line and the grid method. We have also been challenging ourselves by continuing to count forwards and backwards in 4’s and 8’s.

In English, we have been working hard to edit and improve our work independently. Mrs Foxwell has really enjoyed reading our own versions of Jim and the Beanstalk.  We have also been performing different poems and have developed our own success criteria of how we think poems should be performed.

In Topic, we have been identifying famous landmarks in the UK including, York Minster, Stonehenge and The Angel of the North. We have really enjoyed learning about all three landmarks.



Week Beginning 18/9/17 

We have had such a busy week in Year 3 and have worked very hard.

In English, we have been looking at Jack and the Beanstalk and Jim and the beanstalk. We have been comparing both stories and have started writing our own version of Jim and the beanstalk. We have taken part in lots of exciting activities to help us compare the two stories including, ‘hot seating’, a thought tunnel and we have completed our own story mountain. Ask us all about it!

In Maths, we have been solving subtraction calculations and continuing to count in 4’s, 8’s and 6’s. We have also been improving our problem solving skills. Mrs Foxwell has been very impressed.

In Science, we have been investigating our plants and how humans obtain their food. We were fascinated to find out that plants are able to make their own food.


Week Beginning 11/9/17 

We have had such an exciting and fun week in Year 3.

In English, we have been planning our own version of the Three Little Pigs. We have tried very hard to include powerful adjectives, conjunctions and paragraphs. We have blown Mrs Foxwell away with our writing this week.

In Maths, we have been focusing on solving addition calculations using the Expanded Column Method. We have also been impressing our adults with our problem solving skills.

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day this week and were able to watch a live stream to celebrate the amazing work of Roald Dahl. We also completed a fantastic piece of writing all about the life of Roald Dahl.


Week Beginning 4/9/17 

We have had a super start to the new term. In English, we have been focusing on The Little Pigs and The Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. We have been comparing the two stories and have drawn our own text map. Mrs Foxwell and Mrs Dawber are very impressed.

In Maths, we have been focusing on place value and counting in our 3’s and 4’s. We have also been partitioning numbers and using lots of practical resources to help us.

In Science, we have been investigating how to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We have also completed our own Food Pyramid and have identified the different food groups.

We are very proud of all the children this week! They have had such a fantastic week.