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Primary Academy

Year 4 (The Lemurs)

Fortnight beginning 1.7.19

Year 4 have had another amazing, busy fortnight! We enjoyed our final archery session of the year with JB Sports Coaching and the children really have shown progress throughout these lessons. In History, we have been researching about Roman roads and how they have influenced life today for us. Remember to keep looking for signs of this as you travel around! We also got the brilliant news that every child has been chosen to feature in the Young Writers Incredible Diary that will be coming out in September. Remember to get your permissions sent in if you haven’t already done so.

We had our trip to The Deep where we learned about different sea creatures and in Science, we created food chains including some of those creatures. The Lemurs have produced some outstanding posters and information pages using the information that they have learned from this. I hope that you enjoyed reading them at home! What a perfect end to a superb year!



Fortnight beginning 24.6.19

         Super reading and archery this week!







The Lemurs have been working hard in English, writing letters as the Tin Man to request a heart from the Wizard of Oz. Look out for some of these appearing on the Pobble website soon! In Maths, we have been taking an online times table challenge and we all did really well. We all got the chance to be the teacher when we presented our Roman PowerPoints to the class in History. We all enjoyed our trip to the Embassy Centre to see the BBC Concert Orchestra; this really was a once in a lifetime treat and we were very fortunate to go there. Inspired by the concert, in Music, we have been playing Vindaloo- the football theme- on our pbuzzes and the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Our Science learning is all about classifying animals by looking at their body features and their habitats. We are looking forward to our trip to The Deep to learn even more about this.

Fortnight beginning 10.6.19






Super archery session - well done green team!

We have started our 'Get Caught Reading' event. Please join in at home!





We have been learning about converting mm, cm and m in Maths.





We have been using water colours to paint the Garden of Gethsemene. 


Year 4 have been working very hard this fortnight with their lessons and their challenge papers that they have all been sitting in Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. They have all tried their best and have made great improvements, both in their scores, and how they tackle tests independently. In class, they have been learning more about how the Roman legacy lives on and are writing a story about a Roman adventure in English. In Maths, they have been learning about converting between mm, cm, m and km. Maybe they could practise measuring at home to apply this new tricky skill? In Art and RE they have been recreating paintings related to the Bible and Christianity. Their artwork has really been superb!


Fortnight beginning 20.5.19

Look at our super landscapes!






We have applied our colour mixing skills to create water colours in the style of Van Gogh.








Class debate: Should we ban the use of plastics?





We met Jay the pony!





Fortnight beginning 6.5.19






Fun wet break time activities!






Year 4 have enjoyed another super fun-filled fortnight of learning! In Science, their investigation about heating solids meant that they had to try some chocolate while their Maths learning has taken them outside to practise their speed when answering their times table facts. We are trying to get our answering time down to 6 seconds per question – keep practising at home! They also enjoyed creating a large diagram of the water cycle in chalk on the playground then acted as the particles moving around it. In English, they have been planning some amazingly persuasive writing about the use of plastics and are looking forward to having a debate about it next week. In their topic learning, they have been colour mixing using watercolours whilst learning the Spanish words for the colours and have created information texts about Buddhism on the computers. Keep up the good work!






Maths - problem solving






Science - melting solids

Fortnight beginning 23.4.19 






Year 4 have been working very hard this fortnight, writing descriptive recounts for their ‘Pobble’ challenge in English and replying to the letters from our New Zealand school partners. In Maths, we have revised our place value knowledge and been working on decimals and our times tables. Our new Science topic this term of ‘Changing State’ has taken us on a treasure hunt on the field for pictures of solids, liquids and gases and we have been describing the properties and particle arrangements of these. We had great fun pretending to be the particles too! Our topic learning included finding volcanoes around the world on google earth, researching about Buddhism beliefs, exploring Art in Buddhism and learning about the water cycle through computing. Wow – what a lot of learning! We also welcomed back Miss Smith who will be working with us again for the next 6 weeks. 





Fortnight beginning 25.3.19

Healthy Lifestyles with Mr. Parker:






Year 4 have been working extremely hard in Maths, applying their number skills to data handling by reading and creating graphs and charts. Keep looking out for more examples at home! In English, we have been practising some performance poetry about Romans, planning a diary of our choice for a writing competition and working on our spelling skills. Keep practising those Y3-4 words at home! In Science, we planned and carried out an investigation to test how soundproof materials are for our mascot, Silky. Our dribbling skills are developing well in basketball and we have also been trying out a few tricks with the ball! Mr. Parker has been leading our Healthy Lifestyles sessions where we have learned about fat, sugar and salt content in food and how to build a healthy plate using a balance of food types. In Art, we have created some amazing mosaics, just like the Romans made!










Red Nose Day 15th March





































Look at our amazing outfits!





Fortnight beginning 11.3.19




            Healthy Lifestyles learning

with Mr. Parker



Maths challenges
Soundproof investigation planning in Science
Science presentations






Music sessions with the Piano Academy
Making mosaics
Mosaics and shields on display








Year 4 have had an amazing fortnight of hard work! In English, we have been planning and writing a letter to a school in New Zealand to learn about cultures around the world. We can’t wait for the replies! In Maths, we have been applying our addition and subtraction methods to problem solving and finding the perimeter of different shapes. Our Science topic is ‘Sound’ and we have had some great fun learning about how sound is made from a vibration and how the pitch (high and low notes) can be changed. All of this has been alongside our learning about Romans and, in PSHE, Healthy Lifestyles. Well done for your fantastic effort, Lemurs, especially with our amazing 100% attendance. Keep up the good work! 

World Book Day 2019








































What an amazing collection of costumes!

Thank you all for your super effort. 




Fortnight beginning 25.2.19

Learning with the homework buddies





Learning about how sounds are produced: Mrs. Parkins demonstrated this using her clarinet, flute, trumpet and saxophone.















Amazing yoga!








Super Science!












Year 4 have been busy writing a diary as a Roman slave in their topic lessons, and have been practising their spelling of homophones in English. These are words that sound the same such as there/they’re/their, and your/you’re. We are now looking for these words to be spelt accurately in every lesson – what a challenge! In Art, they have made some amazing Roman shields, using designs that reflect their personality and interests. In Maths, we have been learning about the properties of quadrilaterals. Ask your child to explain how we changed VIP into VIQ to help us to remember this!

Fortnight beginning 4.2.19













Making animal footprints out of clay with Mrs. Sherwood








Year 4 have been busy writing a diary as a Roman slave in their topic lessons, and have been practising their spelling of homophones in English. These are words that sound the same such as there/they’re/their, and your/you’re. We are now looking for these words to be spelt accurately in every lesson – what a challenge! In Art, they have made some amazing Roman shields, using designs that reflect their personality and interests. In Maths, we have been learning about the properties of quadrilaterals. Ask your child to explain how we changed VIP into VIQ to help us to remember this!





Fortnight beginning 21.1.19
We enjoy playing Maths loop card games in Y4!
Super tennis skills!
Outdoor learning with Mrs. Sherwood.








We have been learning to play 'Baby Shark' as a class on our pBuzz instruments. 







Our visit from Lupus, the Roman soldier











The Lemurs have been working hard on fractions in Maths, completing some very challenging problems. In English, we have been focusing on our grammar and punctuation, using conjunctions and apostrophes then applying this to our recount writing following our amazing Roman visitor. In Science, we have been designing and carrying out our conductivity tests and in Computing, writing and debugging algorithms (instructions). Our pBuzz playing is coming along brilliantly and we look forward to performing this to you next week during our join in session.

Fortnight beginning 7.1.19 



















What a great start to 2019 for the Lemurs! In English, they have been learning about persuasive writing and have applied their new skills brilliantly by writing a letter to you all about our amazing Roman visitor. Please keep the donations coming in for this unique experience on 29th January.

In Maths, they have worked enthusiastically on their times tables and rounding problems, really impressing Miss Heard and Mrs. Parkins. In Science, they have planned their own investigation using circuits to test the conductivity of different materials.

In DT, they have designed and made a roundhouse from the Iron Age. In Geography, they have been locating the countries of Europe and researched information on the computers about a Muslim mosque in RE.

Keep up the amazing work, Year 4!







DT - Making Iron Age Roundhouses




















Fortnight beginning 3.12.18
Investigating circuits
Elf Yoga!







Science afternoon - investigating floating eggs







The Lemurs were very excited to have Jingle (their elf on the shelf) appear and he has been setting us different tasks and challenges each day from Maths problems to writing diaries by characters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The adults have been extremely impressed with their writing skills. Jingle has brought back some visitors from Y2 with him, so we have been enjoying hearing from Shakespeare, Max and Picasso as well as Lemmee with their learning and adventures. I wonder who it will be next …





In Science, we have been investigating how to change circuits and we have been designing our own Roundhouses from the Iron Age.


Elf on the Shelf
Welcome to our elf, Jingle!
Jingle set us a Maths challenge to complete.






Well done to the winners who completed the challenge!








We found Jingle's diary about stealing chocolate cake from the staff room.


Jingle, having his portrait drawn by Picasso the Art Bear
Cheeky Jingle!








He got mischievous with the toilet roll!
Christmas jumper day - stealing our Turkish Delight!
He's trying to find out if he can conduct electricity!







Fortnight beginning 19th November 2018










We found a tree with a sad face!
We found a tree wearing goggles!

Outdoor Learning with Mrs. Sherwood







The Queen of Narnia



The Lemurs had a surprise visit from the Queen of Narnia and this led to a great discussion and debate about characters and their motives. After researching about the Bronze Age in their Computing sessions, they were able to use their knowledge to write a Bronze Age story in English. Y4 certainly have a talent for writing, as all of their poems were chosen to be published in a ‘Young Writers’ book. In Maths, they have been learning about fractions and then money. You can help at home by providing opportunities for using all coins, adding totals using the column method and working out the change when it is written in pounds and decimals. In Science, they have been using electrical components to create circuits and were very proud when they were successful!

Fortnight beginning 5th November 2018
Active burst led by Kian
Bronze Age research















Turkish Delight from Narnia







The Lemurs have been working hard with ‘This is me … in Narnia’ this term. Our yoga sessions allow us to imagine ourselves in Narnia and, in English, we’ve been writing some amazing character descriptions about the White Witch and Mr. Tumnus. We’ve even used our fractions in Maths to divide quantities of Turkish delight from the story; we also had a tasting session too! In Art, we’ve produced some outstanding sketches of Mr. Tumnus after learning to use different sketching techniques. We have researched about the Bronze Age on the computers and created fact files that really impressed the adults. Super learning, Year 4!

Fortnight beginning 15th October 2018







Adventure poem actions











Before the holiday, the Lemurs enjoyed their senses and simile hunt outside then wrote some amazing poems for the writing competition. We will just have to wait and see if any of our poems are chosen to be published in a real book! In Science, we finished our powerpoint presentations on Human Digestion and presented these to the rest of the class. This week, we have been writing a quiz to test each other on our Science learning too. We have created some ‘This is Me’ collages and worked on our shading techniques in Art. Miss Smith has joined the Y4 team for this term, and we look forward to lots of super lessons, including outdoor learning on Fridays. Please remember your wellies!





Week beginning 8th October 2018










The Lemurs have continued to impress the Y4 team and other adults visiting our classroom. We had a visit from Park Dental Studio and they were so amazed by our knowledge and questions about teeth that they have asked us to design posters to promote dental hygiene in our community.  Other lessons included producing a powerpoint display about human digestion, using compasses to navigate and draw our field, creating a ‘This is me’ collage, learning about Muslim beliefs and practices with Mrs. Hussain, a science investigation about insulation, rugby and dance. We have been learning about negative numbers in Maths and completed challenge booklets too. In English, we have written information texts about our academy for Miss Wright to use in the ‘Meet the Schools’ event next week. Next, we will be writing our poems for a poetry competition too. Watch this space!

Week beginning 1st October 2018
Break time fun!
Emoji self-assessment time!
We love our 'Just Dance' sessions!





Mrs. Hussain came to help us learn about Muslim beliefs and practices.


Park Dental Studio came to answer our questions about teeth. They were extremely impressed with our knowledge and questions.


Mr. Parker's rugby stars of the week








Week beginning 24th September 2018 - Harvest Festival Week!












What a busy week! The Y4 team would like to thank you for making our Harvest Festival an amazing success. Please make sure that you check twitter and the home page on this website for our video! Through our Topic, we have created self-portraits in the Pop Art style this week, researched on the iPads about Muslim beliefs, learned about children’s rights in PSHE, begun our own choreography in Dance and practised how to introduce ourselves in Spanish. In English, we have been studying the features of non-chronological reports (information texts) on our Science theme about teeth and looked at how we can include our Y4 writing skills. In Maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 as well as tackling our weekly speed challenges. Keep practising those times tables at home!

Week beginning 17th September 2018







Quentin Blake sketches







The Lemurs have had another great week of learning. We have been applying our writing skills to our harvest poems, information texts and persuasive letters as well as investigating the spelling of verbs ending in the ‘-ing’ suffix. In Maths, we have been counting in many different multiples as well as taking on the ’10 minute challenge’ of mixed questions, and ‘Beat the Clock’ times table test. We will try to improve our scores and speed each week! We have been learning about the roles in our school community in PSHE and internet safety in Computing. We cannot wait to see the results of our Science enquiry; please ask us all about it! Amazingly, the illustrator Quentin Blake liked one of our tweets about our drawings of his characters on ‘Roald Dahl Day’. This really made our week!

Week beginning 10th September 2018 






The Lemurs have been working hard with their place value calculations and problems in Maths and have been learning about our different types of teeth and their functions in Science. In English, we had a senses hunt in our woodland area to inspire our poetry writing and it really has helped our creative writing this week! We have started our self-portraits in Art, using our sketch books to practise different ways of drawing our facial features and have been thinking about teamwork in PSHE and how our attitudes and actions can have a big effect on others.


Senses hunt: Can you do one at home?









Week beginning 4th September 2018 

The Lemurs have had a super first week full of learning! In English, they have been revising nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs whilst creating descriptive writing about a short film. We used this video in Guided Reading to explore the character’s feelings and how they are shown through the film. This is something that you can do with your home reading too!

In Maths, we have been learning how to read and write Roman numerals. Can you find more at home?










We have started our research on Harvest Festivals around the world ready for our own Harvest Festival, coming soon!










Lemmee's Diary



















We love hearing about her adventures! Who will she visit next?