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Primary Academy

Year 4 (The Lemurs)

Week Beginning 25.6.18
























What an amazing week year four have had! We have had to say goodbye to Miss Smith. It was a very upsetting moment.

We have started a new English story writing competition called superhero adventures. Look out for our stories! In Mathematics, we have started working out a mystery: The mystery of the missing world cup! It has been hard! We also had our poems published in a book. The book is called Rhymecraft. We have been finding world cup countries on a map in Geography; it was amazing.

In Science, we looked at various insects and arachnids to sort and classify them and we practised more tunes in our pbuzz and trumpet band. 

By Erin and Ronnie

Week Beginning 18.6.18 - Wide World Week (career aspirations)











The Lemurs have had another super week of learning. As well as having our career aspirations week, we have been putting the finishing touches to our fables and fairy tales in English and finding areas of rectangles in Maths by using our multiplication skills. In P.E., we have been practising our quick baton changes and sprinting for the relay race, then, in class, we worked in our teams to choose our own races for sports day. In R.E., we have been comparing objects from the religions of Islam and Judaism. In Science, we have been learning how a change in an environment can be a danger to living things and we have applied this learning to produce some presentations using computers. Following our visit from an illustrator, in Art, we used inspiration from his work to create our own illustrations for our fables and fairy tales. 






Tom Morgan-Jones - Illustrator visit 
















Week Beginning 11.6.18


Tasting dates - yummy!

Learning about Islam with Mrs. Hussain






We can play F, G and A using different dynamics and durations of notes.
Our pbuzz band of 30 players!
Roman costume











Plotting coordinates on a grid









What a busy week the Lemurs have had! In Science, we have been exploring the outdoors to find creatures in different environments and in RE, we had a visit from Mrs. Hussain, one of our lunchtime supervisors, who told us about Ramadan (a month of fasting) that is an important part of the Islam religion. We tasted dates that Muslims would traditionally eat to break their period of fasting. In Music, we read the notes F, G and A on the stave to play a tune in our pbuzz band of 30 players. We are trying to remember the tricky music vocabulary of pitch (high and low notes), dynamics (loud and quiet) and duration (long and short sounds). We have been applying our Science skills to remember that the longer the tube, the lower the pitch of the note!

In English, we have been writing some amazing fairytales and fables, and in Maths, we have been learning about coordinates and translation (movements) as well as our daily calculation challenges.

Gibraltar Point Trip






















What a great day!





Week Beginning 4.6.18 
Coastguard Visit







Outdoor Fractions!






We have been enjoying our Maths sessions with Miss Smith. We played Maths Monster, to develop our mental maths skills, every day. Erin, Tia and Pink were the winners this week. We have been learning about fractions and how to turn them into decimals. In English, we have been writing non-fiction texts and an autobiography. It was fun. In Topic, we learnt about religions around the UK. We had a discussion about people we know who have different religions. It was very interesting.

We all enjoyed our trip to Gibraltar Point and will be writing a newsletter about that for you soon. Please check our website for photos on the Y4 page and Twitter.

This week's newsletter was written by Erin and Ronnie.

Week Beginning 21.5.18






We all had an amazing Science lesson when we had a challenge set by Miss Struggles to make a bridge to hold a Mars bar. It was tricky but we all had a lot of fun and were able to use our problem-solving skills in teams brilliantly. 










The Lemurs have been working hard this week being journalists thanks to their research on the royal wedding. It has been very useful looking at the newspapers to ‘magpie’ ideas for their own reports. Your home challenge is to write a news report for an event over the holiday. It can be about something that you did or an event in the news. Bring your reports in to share with the class!






In Maths, we have been learning how to round decimal numbers. Your home challenge is to find more decimals that you see and work out whether they round up (high five) or down. 


Colour Mixing Fun!


Watch this space for our finished creations!




Parent/Carer Join In Afternoon 
Some children led a quiz: adults vs children!













Outdoor Learning Day 18.5.18












Miss Smith set us a challenge to find clues to mystery shapes in our woodland area.










We answered questions on the playground by finding the right picture.

Week Beginning 14.5.18





















This week, the Lemurs have been writing balanced arguments in English and have been exploring shape and symmetry in Maths alongside taking on some calculation challenges. Remember to keep practising all 4 operations at home, as there will be more challenges next week!

In Science, we have been learning about heating and cooling substances and how they can change from solids to liquids and back again. Can you find more examples at home? This has linked with our Geography learning about the water cycle when we made interactive posters demonstrating evaporation and condensation for our display.






In Art, we have been colour mixing with paint, creating many different hues from just the 3 primary colours. Our cricket skills are developing well and we enjoyed some mini games of batting and fielding in PE.






















Week Beginning 7.5.18










Year 4 have had a super week of learning! They have been researching and handling Jewish artefacts in RE, reading and analysing poetry in Guided Reading and even pretending to be particles of solids, liquids and gases in Science!

In Maths, we have had a ‘multiplication madness’ week, practising and refining our written methods. Please practise more examples at home to add to our working wall, Lemurs!

We have really impressed the adults with our mature debating skills in English, constructing persuasive speeches and letters about a topical issue of bringing extinct animals back to life.

We are proud to announce that three pupils have received their bronze Reading Eggs award by collecting golden eggs every time they complete reading activities on the app at home. Our class challenge is now on; who will be next to achieve their bronze award?



Well done to Mr Parker's stars this week!



Bird watching during our session with Mr Clark from the Eco Site
Kieren found 100 birds!








Week Beginning 30.4.18 









Look at our amazing yoga stretches and poses! This really is a fantastic way to start the day.



Well done to Year 4 for collecting over 400 batteries last term. Keep collecting for our recycling tubs!

We have been practising our cricket fielding skills in PE, stopping and catching a rolling ball.















This week, the Lemurs have been developing their peer assessment skills, using their pink and green pens to give each other feedback on their Computing work and their short stories.  They have all been working hard to achieve their Y4 targets in writing across all subjects. In Maths, they have been solving some tricky word problems and finding missing numbers in calculations that have needed 2 or 3 steps to complete. We had our first ‘pBuzz’ session in Music, and luckily, it wasn’t too noisy for the other classes, as we went upstairs!

In Science, we started our ‘Changing State’ topic, comparing solids, liquids and gases; some were trickier than others! Can you find some more examples at home? In Art, they have completed their beautiful creation pictures and experimented with paint, trying to achieve different textures and colours when creating seascape pictures.

Great work, Lemurs!

Week Beginning 23.4.18

Archie and Isla have been our reporters this week and have compiled the information for this newsletter.

This week we have been doing cricket with JB Sports Coaching and we were aiming to hit the stumps; it was exhilarating. Mr Parker chose Logan and Savannah as his star pupils. See our photos below:

Team talk!




Celebrating their win after hitting the wickets!








This week in Maths, we have been looking at hundredths and tenths. Miss Wright and Mrs Wright came in to see our learning. In English, we have been describing volcanoes. We have used some amazing words and phrases. Check out our examples below:

by Isla
by Pheobie






by Ronnie
by Isaac
Our lava writing is spreading over our display!







In Science, we have been learning how sound travels, and used balloons to feel the air particles vibrating at different volumes and distances from the sound source.

We all had a really good week!




Week Beginning 16.4.18 

We took full advantage of the sunshine by taking our sketch books outside for some observational drawing on our theme of the Creation Story.










In RE, we have been learning about beliefs in Judaism, in Geography and Computing, we have used our atlas reading and internet searching skills to locate volcanoes around the world, and in Science, we have been investigating pitch using different tubes.

Making panpipes from straws ...



























The Lemurs’ reporters have been making notes for this week’s newsletter and have stated, “It has been an exciting start to the term!” In Maths, we have been revising our written methods for calculations and learning more about decimals. Can you find examples of numbers with 2 decimal places at home?

In English, we have been learning about different uses of the comma, apostrophes for possession and speech punctuation. Remember to keep looking out for examples in your reading book and other texts at home!

What a great start to the term!

Week Beginning 26.3.18 

Due to popular demand, Year 4 were asked to perform their class assembly again, this time to the all of the children and adults of BPA. Year 4 then wrote thank you letters to Mrs. Hall and Miss Berridge for their amazing work and support in making their class assembly possible.










This week, Year 4 worked in teams to complete a quiz all about Easter. Well done to the winning team! Can you find any more facts about Easter during the holiday? If you make your own quiz, you could be the quiz-master after the holiday!

In Maths, we completed more 'Countdown' challenges, played 'Place Value Bingo' and solved some word problems. Remember to play 'Countdown' at home by using this link: (It is on the 'Top Marks' website if this link doesn't work on phones and tablets.)

Countdown for kids

We have been thinking about our next topic: What a Wonderful World! The Lemurs have been creating some amazing acrostics, facts and mind-blowing questions on this theme, already making the classroom look beautiful for our return after Easter. Remember to keep researching at home and bring in your ideas for learning. 

Our  tree is filling up with our questions for learning. Some familiar-looking squirrels have appeared on it too!


Week Beginning 19.3.18 

Our Year Four children have been working very hard again this week. Mrs Parkins is poorly at the moment and the amazing Mrs Hall and Mrs Berridge have been working hard with the class to prepare for their class assembly.

Mrs Wright has really enjoyed getting stuck in supporting the children with their Maths learning. She is delighted with the calculation methods that the children are now using with increasing confidence and accuracy. The effort that all of the children have shown has been great.

Miss Wright has been overseeing the English learning and the children have enjoyed putting their writing skills to good use when creating an information text. This text has pulled together all of the facts that the children have learned about the Romans.

Well done to everyone for their contribution to the class assembly - we are very proud of you all. You were absolutely amazing and the clarity and professionalism of your performance was incredible.


Week Beginning 12.3.18 

Year 4 have been working hard, preparing for their class assembly and they can't wait to show it to everyone! They have used their computing skills to research interesting facts about all aspects of Roman life, then their English skills to edit and perform their presentations in class. Their Roman battle, expertly choreographed by Mrs. Hall, takes a lot of concentration to learn and perform. It's a good job that they also practised some techniques with Lupus (our Roman soldier who visited us earlier this year) and during their visit to Lincoln Castle! 

Make sure that you take a look at our shields that we made on our Lincoln Castle trip that are on display in our classroom windows:






Outdoor Learning - Badger Trail 
We found tracks in the snow and followed them to the fence. What could they be?















We were on a badger trail and looked for tracks and other signs to trace the mystery tracks.
We took a smelling challenge to be honourary badgers!








Some scents were pleasant...
Some were a mystery ...
and some were not very pleasant at all!






Outdoor Learning - Super Squirrels
We learned about a squirrel's habitat and looked for squirrel facts hidden around our woodland area.
We collected leaves to make our own squirrel's drey (nest).
We gathered lots of leaves!







Here we are, making our squirrel's drey.
We stuck on the leaves ...
then drew a squirrel in the centre.







Lemmee joined in with the fun too!
We found a leaf with special colouring. Mrs. Sherwood explained it was to do with photosynthesis.










Outdoor Learning - Hibernating Hedgehogs
We made a hedgehog hotel for hibernation.
We put some food out inside the hedgehog cafe.






Meet our JPCSO team! 
The JPCSO notice board is in place and they are busy creating information for everyone to read.









Here they are presenting their homemade posters for anti-bullying week in our KS2 assembly.


Our JPCSOs prepared and led their own assembly about gratitude.









SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

We love making 'silly sentences' using our flip books.
Can you make some 'silly sentences' at home using all of the word classes that we have learned?







Homophone Snap!










Lemmee's Adventures 

Lemmee enjoys her sleepovers with Year 4 and writes a diary to tell us all about it.

Who will Lemmee be visiting next? 

Lemmee made a squirrel's drey (nest) during our outdoor learning session.
We love to hear her diary being read out to the class.
Lemmee joined us in our Woodland Area and helped us to find leaves!


































The adventures of Christmas, our elf on the shelf
He was very brave, sitting on the White Witch's crown!
Christmas and Lemmee enjoyed reading Lemmee's diary and pinched two of Mrs. Hall's chocolates too!







He hid in the Christmas tree with Mrs. Parkins' purple marking pen, keeping his beady eye out for any mistakes that the children made!


He had a bath in our token tub, making it very difficult for us to get our reward tokens.











Christmas and Lemmee raided our sticker box. Those two always cause trouble when they get together!
Christmas added a link onto our PSHE chain about how we are all unique and special. Christmas wrote: I am magic!









Can you crack the secret code that Christmas left for us on our 100 square?
On Christmas jumper day, Christmas surprised us with his own elf-sized Christmas jumper!










Roman Soldier Visit





We passed the armour round to feel how heavy it was.




Meet 'Spikycus' and Lupus in their Roman outfits!






Check our twitter feed to see some videos of our Roman battle!



Lincoln Castle Trip


























Useful Links

Countdown Maths

Can you take on a daily challenge?

500 Word Story Examples

Read these to inspire your own writing.

Week Beginning 5.3.18
Outside Lincoln Castle
Roman Shields
Ask us about the symbols and their meanings.







Hockey time!







The Lemurs have had a super week of learning. Our trip to Lincoln Castle gave us a real insight into Roman life and gave us lots of ideas for more research and learning.

In Guided Reading, we have been reading recipes from the Rotten Romans book, and we have been planning our 500 word stories for a writing competition set by Miss Wright.

In Maths, we have been telling the time using 12 and 24 hour clocks and finding time differences. Please keep practising this at home. We have also been improving our speed on our times tables challenge, tackling a daily ‘Countdown’ task and taking on a 10-minute calculations test too; that’s a lot of Maths!

Week Beginning 26.2.18
Look at this amazing shield that Erin made at home!
Our Science topic this term is Sound. Can you find some definitions for the vocabulary?












Healthy Lifestyles session with JB Sports: Nutrition.
We played the "Is it healthy?" quiz in pairs.
Can you remember which foods would be on the green?







Week Beginning 19.2.18

The Lemurs have had a sport-filled first week back! We’ve been following the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Maths by comparing times of races that use decimal places of tenths and hundredths of a second. We also did some problem-solving in teams, using all 4 operations to solve a fictional bobsleigh saboteur mystery. Remember to try out the free PiXL times tables app at home, ready for our times table challenges that will be on Mondays this term.

In English, we have been retelling the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, developing our story-telling skills as well as our handwriting. Remember to keep practising your handwriting at home to help improve your presentation in class.









We sent a message to Elise Christie on Twitter.
More amazing spelling homework!
Amazing spelling homework, ready for display!









Week Beginning 5.2.18

Please see below for some spelling homework for over the holiday. 

Healthy Lifestyles:
Balance and Agility session
We found many unusual parts of the classroom that would conduct electricity!
What can you find to complete the circuit?



We will follow the lamination process to strengthen them.
We are making Roman shields.
We are going to act out a Roman battle.


Week Beginning 29.1.18










The Lemurs have been acting out a Roman battle this week in drama sessions with Mrs. Hall. Their shield designs are coming along nicely, which they will eventually use to perform with. In English, they have also been using role play to practise using causal connectives (joining words and phrases to show why something happened). This will help them to write detailed explanation texts next week.

In Spanish, they have been learning basic phrases for conversation and practised these in pairs, where they were able to ask and answer questions about their name and how they felt. Mrs. Parkins was very impressed with their learning. Try practising these at home too!

In Guided Reading, they have been learning the Roman story about Romulus and Remus. Remember to keep reading and researching about more Roman stories at home.

Next week, the Lemurs are looking forward to another Puffin Virtually Live session, so please research this at home on the website to see which authors and books we will be finding out about.

Mrs. Ryan joined us for a maths session.
The Lemurs, working hard
Fun maths learning!







Week Beginning 22.1.18

We made yoga poses for the final battle in Narnia.






Healthy Lifestyles:
We checked our pulse before and after exercise.


This week, the Lemurs have really taken on our ‘Let’s Investigate’ theme. In Computing, we have been learning how to refine and select our searches on the internet whilst investigating an aspect of Roman history. Some children took on the challenge of searching for a mystery Roman object without knowing its name. It was quite tricky! In Science, we investigated how to design a circuit to test if a ruler would conduct electricity, and with Mr. Parker, we investigated our pulse rate and exercise.

In English, we have been completing our entries for a poetry competition and written a recount about our amazing experience with the Olympian, Szandra. In Maths, we have been learning about finding fractions of amounts and patterns, using division, and sorting quadrilaterals by their properties. Some children have taken on the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 this weekend; we look forward to seeing the results next week!

Week Beginning 15.1.18







Anyone for tennis?







The Lemurs have had a very active week! We started on Monday with our first Healthy Lifestyle session with Mr. Parker, learning about different bones and muscles in our body and labelling each other with post-its. Then on Wednesday, we practised our tennis racket skills. We hope to play outside next week, weather permitting, so please make sure that your child has their PE kit and black tracksuit with them.

We have been completing some tricky challenge booklets this week in Maths, Reading and SPAG, and started planning our poems for a poetry competition. We have also written instructions and recounts about our circuits in Science and diaries of a Roman slave in History, designed Roman shields in Art and learned how to write simple greetings in Spanish.

Keep up the super learning, Lemurs!











Week Beginning 8.1.18

What an amazing week the Lemurs have had! The highlight has to be our Roman soldier, Lupus, coming to visit, giving a day full of fun and learning. It certainly will be an experience that the children will never forget! We look forward to many weeks of learning about the Romans now that we have been inspired by him. Please keep researching at home to get our display full of facts!

Other learning this week has included PE with Mr. Parker, practising our ball skills; evaluating our models of roundhouses in DT; writing reviews to compare our two pantomimes in English; fractions in Maths and making circuits in Science when we raced to make the bulb light up with no help at all!

Well done to the winning team!






This team were the first to get the buzzer to sound.











Please remember your PE kits on Monday for our Healthy Lifestyles session with Mr. Parker.

Week Beginning 4.1.18 - Marvellous Maths! 

We had a Maths focus during this short week, solving many different mathematical and real life problems. We even learned how to complete Sudoku puzzles. Ask us about the skills that we used!

Super Sudoku Stars!
Terrific Tangrams!





Snakes and ladders multiplication challenge!
How do you get the fox, the chicken and the corn across the river?






How do you share out the sweets following the clues?




Can you make a magic square?











Some pupils became teachers and demonstrated their way of working.






Week Beginning 11.12.17

We’ve certainly had a wintery theme this week in Year 4. Some of us went out in the snow to collect twigs and leaves for our DT project of making Iron Age houses. We enjoyed making the houses and it made us realise how hard it would have been to have made a life-sized one during the Iron Age! We even had a visit from The Queen of Narnia who came to answer our questions that we had written in our letters to her.

In English, we have been carrying out some peer-assessments on our story writing, and also proof-reading and editing Larry the Lemur’s story. We are getting very skilled at knowing what makes an effective piece of writing and how to improve our own writing independently. In Maths, our elf on the shelf has been setting us some challenges and we have been making our own Christmas-themed calculations.

Christmas jumper day: Dabbing through the snow!
During our class Christmas quiz, we had a visit from Santa!



Week Beginning 4.12.17
The children earn their Advent treat by working hard!


The Lemurs have been working hard this week, writing their extended stories about stepping back into the Iron Age. In Maths, they have been completing challenges using all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Remember to keep practising how to tell the time at home, as we will be working on more time problems soon.

Through our Guided Reading, we have researched into Iron Age Roundhouses as well as being kept up to date with worldwide news through our First News sessions. After our research, we designed our own Iron Age houses. The children had to choose their own materials from school for this, and will be making their models in their DT lesson on Tuesday next week.

We have been creating some super artwork on a winter theme and have been especially good at tidying up all of the glue and glitter at the end of it too!

Week Beginning 27.11.17

The Lemurs have been using their History learning in their writing this week, planning their time travelling stories about the Iron Age. In Maths, they have also been solving some really challenging time problems, converting seconds, minutes and hours, as well as days, weeks and months. Please keep practising this at home, especially as you are counting the days until Christmas!

In Science, we have been learning more about circuits, and made a human circuit in class when we pretended to be parts of a circuit including buzzers! Remember that you can access the lesson activities from the espresso website at home too.






Our PE session was great fun, practising different ways of rolling, and we enjoyed creating our own postures in yoga this week to represent Mr Beaver from our class story, The Lion the Witch and the






Week Beginning 20.11.17

The Lemurs have been stepping into the Land of Narnia again this week in our English, Maths and Yoga sessions. In English, we have been writing story settings using a Narnia theme, and in Maths, we have been learning about negative numbers – like the weather in Narnia! Keep looking out for negative numbers at home and let us know how many you can find.

We have enjoyed keeping up to date with national and world-wide news this week by reading our First News articles. We have been learning about National Road Safety Week, and made road safety posters to remind drivers about keeping their speed down, especially near schools. This linked with our Balanceability session with Mr. Cameron too when we thought about how we can be safe on our bicycles. Look out for our posters appearing soon!

Week Beginning 13.11.17

It’s been another busy week for the Lemurs! In Science, we’ve been sorting appliances into mains or battery powered. Have a look at home to find more if you can. In Maths, Miss Chapman brought in some of Mr. Tumnus’ parcels for us to measure the perimeter of the rectangular faces. Can you find the perimeter of more objects at home?







In English, Miss Smith helped us to write a story opening using ideas from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Some of us are planning our stories around stepping into the Iron Age to link with our History learning. In Music, we have been listening to music from Narnia and describing what we hear using technical music vocabulary: tempo, pitch, timbre, dynamics, structure and texture.

For Anti-Bullying Week, the JPCSOs led our assembly with Mrs. Wright, showing posters that they made to help others. We also had more children doing their own research at home. Keep up the super work, Year 4!


Week Beginning 6.11.17 

Year 4 have been stepping into the land of Narnia this week! In our yoga lesson, we made shapes from the story (see below). We even got to try some Turkish Delight as we read about the Snow Queen. The highlight of the week has to be when Miss Chapman gave us a live performance on her cello of ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi so that we could imagine what it would be like to be out in the snow, just like in Narnia.






We also had a special visitor appear in our classroom: The Queen of Narnia, or White Witch. We will be exploring ideas and viewpoints about her in our Guided Reading sessions next week.

Home challenge 1: What are your thoughts about her? Why do you think this? Why does she act like this?

Home challenge 2: Write a diary from her point of view about when she met Edmund.

The Lemurs have made an extra special effort this week with their extra home learning. Mrs Parkins has been very impressed with so many children researching facts, or creating work related to our school learning at home. We’ve even had to make another display board to make room for it all!

Narnia Yoga 7.11.17
The Lamppost
Mr Tumnus
The trees in the forest







Mr Tumnus, sitting and drinking tea


Sledging through the ice and snow in Narnia


Reindeer, pulling the Snow Queen's sleigh
















Week Beginning 30.10.17

What a great first week back we’ve had in our Narnia-themed classroom! In English, we have been looking at instructional writing, planning activities and food for Bonfire Night. In Maths, we have also had a firework theme, solving addition and subtraction problems about one of our stories: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter.

Our Yoga session even had a Halloween theme when we made some spooky shapes with our bodies. Some children carried out a home research challenge to find out about the origins of Halloween. We were surprised to find out that it can be traced back to around the Iron Age, which is actually also our History focus for this term; how interesting!

We enjoyed our first gymnastics session this week, travelling at different levels, using different paths.



Week Beginning 16.10.17 

The Lemurs have had a super final week of term reviewing their learning over the last few weeks. They all really enjoyed their Harvest Festival and want to thank everyone for your generous donations.







Our class pet, Lemmee, had her first week of sleep-overs; we all love reading her diary!


In R.E. we have been learning about how the harvest is celebrated in Judaism, in Art, we’ve made a colour wheel that even challenged our maths skills, and we had our final football session in P.E., really impressing Mr. Parker with our skills.

In Maths, Year 4  have been improving their grid multiplication method and have made an amazing effort to improve their ‘speed grid’ scores and times each week. Remember to keep practising those times tables over the holiday! They were all very proud of themselves when everyone’s scores improved in their spelling challenge too. Thank you for all your hard work at home learning those tricky words; keep it up Year 4!

Week Beginning 9.10.17 

We’ve had a great week in Year 4, with lots of exciting things happening! Our PE lesson really challenged us, controlling the ball in the breeze, but Mr. Parker said that our skills are really improving, and we were able to make some superb shots.







Some children have been taking over, even getting to work at  Mrs. Parkins’ desk! They have been busy finishing their scripts and poems for the harvest festival next week.


In Guided Reading, we have begun studying Roald Dahl’s writing techniques by reading an excerpt from The BFG. Please keep reading at home to see how many of these techniques you can find in other books. Bring in your notes to show us in class to add to our Reading Wall! 

Week Beginning 2.10.17 

We’ve had another busy week in Y4 with everyone working very hard. The Lemurs have been studying the style of persuasive writing, using teachers’ pink and green pens to mark Larry the Lemur’s work.




Their poems and prayers for harvest are also coming along brilliantly with some children writing them at home too – wow! In Maths, we have been practising our times tables as well as problem solving with 4-digit numbers.

We are developing our map reading skills by finding and comparing the compass direction of our homes from BPA.

In Art, we have been learning about Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ and have started planning our own in our sketch books. Our football skills are really developing now. It was certainly a fresh day out there too, so don’t forget your tracksuits next week!

Week Beginning 25.9.17 

This week Year 4 have been getting very creative with their writing, using different forms of poetry; we are writing some autumn and harvest poems to share at the Harvest Festival with you on 17th October. In Maths, we have been solving rounding and place value problems and taking on times table challenges. We have also enjoyed being spelling buddies by testing and helping each other with our tricky Y4 spelling list. Remember to keep practising these along with your times tables at home! In Art, we have explored the ‘Who am I?’ theme by creating Pop Art style pictures using our own photographs.

In Science, we found out which drinks caused the most damage to the coins in our investigation. Ask us about it at home!



Week Beginning 18.9.17 

This week Y4 have been learning about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We all enjoyed the tradition of eating apples dipped in honey and we used our writing skills to plan and create non-chronological reports about this aspect of Judaism. We have been investigating our local area in Geography by studying Ordnance Survey Maps and aerial photos. Y4 loved finding their houses on the photo and using a key to find more information on the map. We had another great football session improving our dribbling and passing skills. In Maths, we have been exploring different methods of written calculations and we’ll be moving on to more written methods next week as well as using our times tables, so keep practising them at home!

Week Beginning 11.9.17 

What an action packed week the Lemurs have had! In Science, we have been learning the names and jobs of our different teeth and found lots of activities to help us on the espresso website; remember to try them out at home too!

We had our first P.E. session with our sports coach, Mr. Parker, who taught us some football dribbling skills and games.

We met our new PSHE character, Jigsaw Jaz, and talked about how we can make our school community a better place by helping the adults who help us.  We have also enjoyed our Roald Dahl-themed week by writing diaries about his characters, solving maths problems about them and drawing in the style of Quentin Blake.


Week Beginning 4.9.17 

The Lemurs have had a super first week! In Maths, we have been learning about Roman numerals, taking the lolly stick challenge to create as many numbers as possible. At home, please look out for other examples of Roman numerals and see how many ways that you can make them.

In English, we have been reading information texts about teeth (our Science topic) and writing diaries from a crayon’s point of view after enjoying ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. You could write more diaries at home pretending to be other objects.

We enjoyed our visit to our Woodland Area, coming up with ideas for our outdoor learning. Keep the ideas coming, Y4!