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Running Club

Sports Day Success!

Tuesdays 3.15pm – 4.00pm

With Mrs Porter

We look forward to encouraging the children to keep fit and healthy in a fun and motivating atmosphere!
Running sessions will include:
*interval training
*running games
*fun, social jogs around the school field
*speed training
Please remember to bring a full PE kit including trainers, and also a bottle of water!

Term 5 (April – May 2017)

Running Club has restarted. We have had a brilliant time so far. We have completed interval laps of the field to build up our stamina. We have enjoyed playing running games and we have done a timed 25m sprint.


I am so proud of the children who attended Running Club in Term 1. Today they received their ’50m sprint’ awards in assembly. The majority of the children improved their individual 50m times within 5 weeks and all of them put in 100% effort. They have been a pleasure to have at Running Club!


This week we have enjoyed playing beanbag running games, practising our relay race techniques and we had a go at animal races too!


In Running Club this week we started with a gentle warm up before moving onto team relays. In this session we had our first try at hurdling too! We ended with a game of ‘Monkey, Monkey, Banana!’


Running Club started off with a gentle warm-up to music in the hall. We then moved outside for some short-distance, team relays, followed by some longer-distance, team relays! We were all cheering on our teams and being supportive towards each other.
After some team photos we headed back into the hall for our cool down and a game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ or as it got renamed ‘fish, fish, shark’ and ‘bamboo, bamboo, panda!’



The new members of our after-school Running Club started with a jam-packed first session. We began with a warm-up run and stretches in the hall to music.
We then moved outside to take advantage of the sunny weather, where we played some running games. After this, each child ran a timed 50 metre sprint. They will do this again in week 5 to see if they can improve their time after training. The aim is to beat themselves! We finished with some cool-down stretches. 
Running Club was so busy this week, Mrs Porter even forgot to take a photo! 


Running Club members accepting their ’25m sprint’ certificates in our special ‘Sports’ assembly today. We are all very proud of their running achievements and overall attitude to working as a team! Well done to you all!


The last Running Club of the school year was incredibly enjoyable! We started with a group photo, then we completed some relay races split into four teams. The children were amazing at cheering each other on and being supportive!
Next up was a timed 25m sprint to see how the children had improved since their timed 25m in the week 1 session. We celebrated their achievements with a cup of squash, a biscuit and a bit of friendly banter for a few minutes.
To finish, we played a fun game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ or as it got renamed….”Fish, Fish, Shark!”
Mrs Porter: “I have thoroughly enjoyed Running Club this term. The children’s attitude, team spirit and skill has been superb! I hope to see you all again next school year!”


This week we started with a warm-up game of running musical bumps. We then journeyed outside for a beanbag running game. We worked well as a team to tactically retrieve our beanbags. To finish we practised our starting sprint positions on the field track and had a go at a sprint relay race. Another enjoyable Running Club session!


This week in Running Club we played ‘Mrs. Porter Says…’ to warm up. They were very hard to catch out!
The main session involved a beanbag and ball game with lots of running to and from. We also used the newly-marked running tracks to practise relay sprints. We have lots of very talented runners at Beacon Primary Academy!
More importantly though, the children showed the true spirit of running – they were incredibly supportive of each other and cheered their peers on! All of the children made the adults proud!


In Running Club this week we started with a game of musical bumps, but you had to run when the music was playing instead of dance. We stretched to warm our bodies up too!
The main session involved run/walk intervals around the playground. We completed 5 laps and all encouraged each other to keep going! We like to support each other – we work well as a team!
We then played a beanbag run race. The red team won and we all cheered for them!
To cool down we came back inside the hall and had a short game of ‘duck, duck, goose’ and completed our stretches to keep our muscles fit and healthy.