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 Updated: 4.7.17

Welcome to Year 2!

Terms 5 and 6 – Planet Earth

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Home Challenge:

Test your knowledge of the possessive apostrophe. Play penalty shoot out!

Penalty Shoot Out

The Year 2 staff team took on the Andy Goldsworthy challenge for homework. Do you like our art work?


Using ‘Show Me’ to create presentations about their school trip and their cress experiment:

We were filmed by ITV during our school trip. Click here to see it!

WB 26.7.17

What a busy ‘Wide World Week’ we’ve had! Year 2 have been doing some impressive writing about all of the visitors that we have been lucky enough see. We had visits from a paramedic, a vet, a dental nurse and dentist, as well as a lifeguard. We certainly seem to have lots of budding experts already!

In Maths, we have been completing some challenge sheets, revising all of the areas that we have been learning about this term.

Our cress experiment has taught us all about conditions for plant growth and we were able to write lots of observations when we compared the pictures for each day.

Can you guess which one grew in the dark and which one had sunlight?

Our next job will be to use what we have found out to grow our own cress heads. In art, we used pastels to create some beautiful tree pictures, and we have been drawing our favourite books to enter a competition with other GDFT Academies.

WB 19.6.17

Year 2 have had a really sunny, ‘summery’ week. They have been creating sun safety information posters and summer acrostics in English. Please look out for these on our window displays. They have been learning more about the seasons and the Summer Solstice, and we even had our own way of celebrating this with an outdoor singing session and headdress parade. In Art, we made our own suns and then compared paintings of the sun by different artists. In Maths, we have been comparing the properties of 2D shapes and completing number challenges. In Science, we have been looking at the conditions for growing cress, making daily observations, and we have also been practising for our Sports Day. What a busy week!

We enjoyed making suns for the Summer Solstice:

WB 12.6.17

What a talented bunch we are! Our recorder lessons started last Friday and Mrs. Parkins was so impressed that we called for Mrs. Wright to listen to our mini concert! Then on Wednesday, after taking part in Joe Wicks’ live keep fit event, we became journalists and wrote our own news reports about our exciting experience.

In Maths, we have been telling the time and solving time problems. Please carry on reading the time at home.

In Science, we have been learning about the life cycle of a plant and we created our own learning posters to show what we knew. In R.E., we have been thinking about how we can look after our planet, and then in Art we made posters and pictures with our ideas to spread the word. Look out for these on our displays soon!


WB 5.6.17

Year 2 have been working very hard this week, and showing that they are almost ready to become Y3s with their amazing writing. They worked in pairs to mark their partner’s work and set themselves targets for their next piece of writing. They have also been completing some tricky spelling, punctuation and grammar challenges, trying to beat their own score each day.

In Maths, they have been measuring using cm and mm, and solving problems involving length and mass. Any measuring using a ruler or weighing scales at home would be helpful for them to keep practising their skills.

Through our topic learning, we have been doing some persuasive writing about the tourist attractions in Skegness, including compass points. Y2 should be able to tell you the compass points from the Clock Tower, so if you are in town this weekend, you can test their Geography skills!


WB 15.5.17

The Starfish have had a magical, challenge-led week with our mysterious visitor setting tasks in Maths and English and even leaving special messages in our books to tell Mrs. Parkins to give them a lucky dip treat. How exciting! Who will be impressing our mystery visitor next?


Education City Home Challenge:

Remember to look at the activities in Writing Term 5 in the Homework section.

We’ve been learning about coasts in Geography, using our computing and writing skills to research and create a glossary of key words, and in Art we’ve been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy who used natural objects to create fascinating patterns and sculptures. We already have a few budding artists creating their own.

Home challenge: Create some of your own in your garden or on the beach!

Look out for more next week!



WB 8.5.17

We’ve had an exciting week in Year 2 after finding a mystery message in a bottle. The Starfish are trying to put the clues together to find out where it is from. Let’s hope that we can crack the case soon!

Through our RE learning, we have been looking at seasonal change and how different religions celebrate and say thank you for the seasons, especially the Hindu Holi festival of colour. We also looked at how we feel during each season, creating paintings to show our own colours for the seasons on our beautiful planet earth. Some children even referred to their artwork as ‘abstract’, showing that they are applying their art appreciation skills too. How amazing!

WB 24.4.17

Our termly ‘visit’ to another country has taken us to South Africa this week where we have learned a little bit about the culture and animals there. In Science and Computing, we made presentations about food chains with our challenge to use the complicated vocabulary of producer, prey and predator.


Below: Olly thought of more food chains that he could making using different animals. Can you?

We really enjoyed making some South African huts and flags, while listening to South African music too.  We loved it so much that we even had a little dance to it!


In English and Maths, we have been doing some challenge booklets, showing our super Year 2 skills in all areas. Please make sure that your child is reading at home regularly and remind them to put their peg on the board when their book is ready to change. If you would like extra reading challenge questions for your child at home, please ask the Y2 team. Remember to keep using espresso and Education City for any extra learning at home too.

WB 18.4.17

The Starfish have started their new topic ‘Planet Earth’ this week, creating display pictures and thinking of questions for learning in Science and Topic lessons.

In English, our focus has been non-fiction writing. Year 2 have been using their super writing skills to create information texts about fruit and vegetables. We have been very impressed and can really see the progress in their writing.

In Maths, our focus has been place value, using tens and ones to create numbers and solve problems. Any practical maths activities at home with money, time and measure would be very useful to support their school learning.



explorers display

Terms 3 and 4 – Exciting Explorers 

first news 1 first news 2 first news 3 bus design  

Art Gallery


Look at our Picasso faces!


Here are some presentations that Y2 made using iPads. They researched the facts using internet searches and created the work on the ‘Show Me’ app.


WB 20.3.17

The Starfish have been thinking about a balanced diet in Science, creating facts and quiz questions about different food groups. We look forward to seeing their food diaries in school next week. In English, we will be writing information texts about food groups next week, so please bring in any information to help our learning.

In Maths, they have been completing some challenges to test their problem-solving and calculation skills. We will be moving onto telling the time counting in 5 minute blocks next, so please practise this at home over the next few weeks.

They have been putting together ideas for our presentation next Wednesday. The Starfish really have learnt so much being ‘Exciting Explorers’ this term and are looking forward to showing you their learning next Wednesday.


WB 13.3.17

The Starfish have really impressed the adults this week with their super story writing skills in English. They have been practising how to edit and improve their writing too, as we all know that we can’t always get things just right the first time! Remember to keep up with your reading at home and this can include any texts, not just your home reading book.

In Maths, we have been practising more methods for addition and subtraction of 2-digit-numbers. This includes using a 100 number square as a short cut to really see what is happening to the tens and ones. Some children have been super learning partners, explaining their working out to others.

In Science, we have made a healthy food plate, learning about balanced diets. Please complete your healthy eating challenge at home next week and bring it back when you have finished.


WB 6.3.17

In English this week, we have been using our imagination to write potions for us to include in our adventure stories that we will write next week. Remember to keep thinking of ideas that can be used from other adventure stories. In Maths, we have been measuring using cm on a ruler. Y2 have been given a paper ruler to take home tonight to measure more things around the house. Have fun measuring!

In Art, we have been copying Monet’s style, using finger painting to create some beautiful effects. Our class gallery is looking amazing with all of our artwork from around the world.

We enjoyed planting bulbs in pots during our Eco Centre activity on Friday last week, and will be looking for more signs of spring as the term progresses.

WB 27.2.17

Year 2 have been learning about Alice in Wonderland, creating questions and comments to say to the characters in the book. This meant that we could use our full range of sentence types: statements, commands, exclamations and questions. Some children wrote rhyming poems and acrostic poems. We even got to ask the Queen of Hearts some questions when she visited us on World Book Day!

In Maths, we have been finding fractions of amounts. This has been a real challenge for us but we tried hard.

In P.E. we have been improving our throwing and catching skills with Mr. Kirkham and playing small team games. How exciting! In Science, we have been using the ‘be food smart’ app to scan our food labels, looking for sugar, fat and salt. Try this out at home if you can!

The Starfish wrote this newsletter as a team this week, giving their ideas to Mrs. Parkins about what should be included.

WB 20.2.17

In English this week, we have been refining our Year 2 writing skills through writing a letter to the characters in a funny story: The day the crayons quit. They enjoyed it so much that Mrs. Parkins bought the sequel to enjoy too!

crayons cover

In Maths, we have been practising our number skills as well as learning about reading scales for capacity and mass, and comparing the amounts. Please look out for examples at home, especially if you are making pancakes next week.

measure 1 measure 2 measure 3 measure 4 measure 5 measure 6

For our Italy theme, we have found it on a map of Europe, learnt about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, looked at the Mona Lisa by an Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, and answered questions through our Guided Reading sessions too.

Next week, we will also be exploring France through our topic learning.


These are the routines that we have been learning in P.E. Try the Cowboy Boogie and the Cotton Eye Joe at home!



WB 6.2.17

What a great week the Starfish have had learning about Australia! In English, they have been showing off their super Y2 writing skills, responding to aboriginal art with some amazing vocabulary. In Maths and Reading, they have been completing some challenge booklets where they get to apply all of their skills learned so far. Super work!

In Art, Y2 have really enjoyed recreating aboriginal prints using pens. Our art gallery in our classroom will be fabulous with all of our art from around the world! We all enjoyed learning about aboriginal dancing, creating routines as emus and kangaroos.

Here we are with our face paints and colourful clothes on our ‘Australia Day’ dance session:

aus pe 12

aus pe 1 aus pe 2 aus pe 3 aus pe 4 aus pe 5 aus pe 6 aus pe 7 aus pe 8 aus pe 9 aus pe 10 aus pe 11 aus pe 13

Next term we will be exploring more countries and continents, starting with Italy in Europe.

IMG_4050 IMG_4054

WB 30.1.17

In English this week, Y2 have been using their History skills by pretending to be Christopher Columbus and writing his diary. They have also used their Science learning to write an information text about animals and their basic needs. What a lot of writing!

In Maths, we have been learning different ways to divide numbers and how this is the inverse of multiplication. Remember to keep practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s, forwards and backwards, Y2!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made Chinese dragons and have been singing the Dragon Dance. Next week, we’ll be learning all about Australia.

WB 23.1.17

Our Exciting Explorers have visited Asia this week, reading texts, maps and keys through Guided Reading. In English, we used a story that ‘Buzz-Bee’ recommended, which helped us to write diaries as we pretended to be Pirate Pete. In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication, counting in 2s, 3s, 5s or 10s. Remember to keep practising these at home, Y2!

Y2 have been developing their art skills by using pastels to create sunset pictures with an Asian theme. As well as practising our Country and Western moves in PE with our cowboy hats, we also did some Bollywood style dancing.

The Starfish have really impressed Mrs. Parkins and Mrs. Kilner this week with their independent learning skills, especially with their ideas for how to explore our topic even more. Keep the ideas coming for more learning about Asia next week!


WB 16.1.17

Our ‘Exciting Explorers’ in Y2 have been learning more about America and how Christopher Columbus was an explorer who travelled there about 500 years ago. The class have impressed the adults with their super writing about this, using statements, questions, exclamations and commands in English. We even had a plasticine Christopher Columbus made for us!

Columbus plasticine

Our Maths learning this week has also been following this theme, helping Columbus share out his men between the ships, applying their partitioning of 2 digit numbers and finding the inverse operations of addition or subtraction.

We have been learning about the Pop Art style and created our own images using the Statue of Liberty and learned more line dancing moves as cowboys and cowgirls – yee-haw!


Next week, we will be exploring the continent of Asia. Please let us know if you have any interesting facts or items that we might like to see.

WB 9.1.17

Year 2 have really enjoyed being ‘Exciting Explorers’ this week, learning about the oceans of the world. Our focus for this week and next is the continent of North America so we have been learning some Country and Western dance moves in PE, being cowboys and cowgirls through line dancing.

In English, we have been learning that commands are special sentences that begin with a verb and have been reading and writing instructions. Please find more examples at home to bring in! There are also many activities on the espresso website for this.

In Maths, we have been solving number problems and in Science, learning about animals and their offspring.

We have loved seeing all of your home learning in the monster books and the children really relish acting like a teacher to show their work. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.


Puzzle Company activities:

puzzle company 1 puzzle company 2 puzzle company 3 puzzle company 4


Term 2 – World of Adventure


The children were asked to draw a world of adventure from their imagination.

Which would you like to visit?

img_3638 img_3639 img_3640 img_3641 img_3642 img_3643

Curriculum Information – click here

Please remember:

Children need wellies or spare outdoor shoes for activities every Friday.

WB 12.12.16

We have managed to squeeze so much into our last full week of term! We started off with our visit to the church to learn more about this special Christian building and the parts inside it. In English, we then wrote thank you letters to Mr. and Mrs. Allaway for their guided tour, impressing them with our vocabulary.

In Maths, we have been telling the time to 1/4 past and to, then to 5 minutes. It would be really useful if the Starfish can all practise this over the holiday, as this is an important Y2 skill. Don’t forget to use the Education City homework activities for this too!

As we are reading the Magic Faraway Tree, we designed and decorated some cakes for our own special ‘google buns’ and ‘pop cakes’ that are featured in the story. We hope that they all passed the taste test at home, as we will evaluate them in class for our D.T. lesson.

We’ve had a few more homework monsters appear this week. The Starfish love this idea and are always thinking of ideas for even more monsters. Before we know it, we’ll have a monster for every child!


WB 5.12.16

In English this week, we have been revisiting our writing styles from this term: information texts and stories. In our spelling, we have been looking at words ending in -le, -al and -el. Can you find any more at home?

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, making patterns and pictures based on quarters and halves. If you have Max the Maths Monster, can you make some more with him, or look for quarters and halves at home.

Elfie Smith came to take our Fitness and Relaxation class this week, when we enjoyed making body shapes through a Christmas-themed story. Can you remember the actions to show people at home?

WB 28.11.16

In English this week, we have been doing so much writing! We have written letters to Santa and written about our favourite part of the Magic Faraway Tree. We’ve even met our new home writing bear, Shakespeare.

In Maths, we have been finding properties of 3D shapes, reading and writing numbers to 100 and solving problems using days and dates on a calendar. Y2 have been given a calendar for December to fill in and count down the days to Christmas.

We have been learning how to present a forward roll in P.E. and really impressed Mrs. Fieldman with our skills! Silky (the science bug) has been visiting your houses and is finding out lots of scientific information for us.


WB 21.11.16

This week in English, we have been learning how to write an information text in paragraphs about materials. Some children carried out research at home about different materials, and we have been using what we know from our Science learning to help us with our special vocabulary. Can you find more information texts at home?

In Maths, we have been applying our number bonds to 10, 20 or 100. We have practised using subtraction as the inverse (opposite) of addition and found ‘calculation families’ with these numbers. Max the Maths Monster has almost visited everyone’s house now, so he will be visiting you all again soon. Thank you for your support with this; the children really enjoy this special learning at home and have asked if we can have other homework ‘monsters’ too, so watch out for one appearing at your house soon!

WB 14.11.16

We have been learning how to persuade the reader in English this week, creating our own Children in Need posters. We have also been retelling a Pixar film story ‘For the Birds’. This made us think about how we should show others respect, even if they are different to ourselves. Y2 were very good at noticing how we should treat others. In Maths, we have been applying our number bonds to 10, 20 or 100 (in tens) and really impressing Mrs. Parkins with our super skills and how we can explain our working out. Keep practising these number facts at home!

In PSHE, with Jigsaw Jo, we have been thinking about stereotypes and how people like different things, not just because they are boys or girls. For example: some girls like football; some boys don’t.

Mrs. Parkins has set a Science challenge for us to look at cups made from different materials. This will help us to answer the question for our investigation next week: “Which material is the best for a cup?” How many different materials can you find at home?

WB 7.11.16

We have been learning how to use a number line for multiplication. Look at this example to help you.



We have been counting our money for Children in Need.

img_3618 img_3619 img_3620 img_3621 img_3622 img_3623 img_3625 img_3626 img_3627 img_3628 img_3629 img_3630

Gymnastics this week:

img_3604 img_3605 img_3606 img_3607 img_3591 img_3592

In Maths, we have been using our counting in 2s, 3s and 5s to solve multiplication questions. We also counted our donations so far for Children in Need, arranging them in 2s and 5s to help us count them even quicker. Please keep the money coming in until Friday 18th so we can count some more!

Charlotte, Isabella and Angel-Rose were teachers for Geography this week, telling the class about different countries that they have visited. We found them on a world map and compared their climates to the UK.

Other learning this week included some fantastic firework acrostic poems and some amazing gymnastics where children have been focusing on body tension to create shapes on the apparatus.

Look at some of our firework acrostics here:

img_3633 img_3634 img_3635 img_3636 img_3637


1st November – Welcome back!

We have been reading ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ today.
Home challenge: Have you got this story at home? Can you bring it in to show Mrs. Parkins?
Watch this video at home:

Billy Goats Gruff

WB 1.11.16

What an excellent first week back! The Starfish have been impressing the adults this week with their counting in 2s, 3s and 5s in Maths. Remember to try the activities in the homework folder on Education City and practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s and 5s at home.

img_3534 img_3535 img_3536

In English, they have been retelling the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story then learning the important Year 2 skill of editing and improving their work.

Year 2 have also been using their super computing skills to create presentations for their R.E. learning about the special parts of a church. Try the virtual tour or explore the church activity below. Can you remember all of the special words?

virtual church tour


Bonfire activities:





Term 1 – Our World

img_3061 img_3067


img_3091 img_3076

Click here for Term 1 Curriculum Information

WB 17.10.16
Holiday homework: Click here for the j sound spelling challenge!

In English, we have been writing our own stories about London as a World of Food. We have been finding verbs in texts, and impressing Mrs. Parkins with our knowledge of nouns and adjectives too.

Home challenge: When you are reading your book, do the ‘hammer’ action every time you read a verb. You should find at least one verb in every sentence. Can you remember all of the verbs in the Mr. Busy text that we read? Remember: a verb is a ‘doing’ or ‘being’ word.


In Maths, we have been problem solving using place value (looking at tens and ones in numbers). 

Here we are playing the ‘High 5 Same and Different’ game:

img_3450 img_3452 img_3453 img_3454 img_3455 img_3456

Home challenge: Find two 2-digit numbers and write them down. Discuss what’s the same and what’s different about the numbers. Bring them in to show Mrs. Parkins and Max the maths monster! 

In our topic work, we have created some fantastic art work of Big Ben and enjoyed a visit from Mr. Fisher and his 1950s car, which we compared to a modern car. Mrs. Parkins was very impressed with all of the interesting questions that the children asked our visitor and Mr. Fisher was very impressed with them too. Mr. Fisher showed us how you can start the car with a starting handle and the children agreed that modern cars are much easier to drive! Here are some of the children’s questions:

Where are the seat belts?

How do you lock the doors?

How old is it?

What make of car is it?

Where is the ‘sat nav’?

What are the handles for inside the doors?

Where was it made?

We also compared the materials used on each car.

Home challenge: Can you remember the answers to the questions and remember the differences in the materials used? Can you think of any more questions to ask? Write them down and bring them to show Mrs. Parkins. 


img_3462 img_3463 img_3464 img_3465 img_3466 img_3467 img_3469 img_3470 img_3471 img_3472 img_3475 img_3481  img_3487 img_3488 img_3486 img_3485 img_3484 img_3483 img_3482 img_3480 img_3479 img_3478 img_3477 img_3476 img_3474 img_3473

We are so lucky to have the Y7s and Y8s from Skegness Academy joining us every week to help us with our reading. Make sure that you all carry on reading over the holiday!

img_3523 img_3522 img_3521 img_3520 img_3519 img_3518 img_3517 img_3516 img_3515 img_3514 img_3513 img_3512 img_3511 img_3510 img_3509 img_3508 img_3507 img_3506 img_3505 img_3504 img_3503 img_3502 img_3501 img_3500 img_3499 img_3498  img_3496 img_3495 img_3494 img_3493 img_3492 img_3491 img_3490

We have been using emoji to say how we feel about our learning …


WB 10.10.16

This week, we entered the ‘World of Food’ in English and produced some descriptive writing. We have been developing our use of adjectives, using 2 adjectives to describe each item. Can you describe these pictures?

img_3325 img_3326 img_3327 img_3321

In maths, we have been using our Quadrilaterals Story to help us learn the properties of shapes. Can you read the story?

img_3337 img_3336

As part of our Science materials topic, we explored how plasticine changes with heat (our warm hands) and cooling, and made some amazing London landmarks. Super learning, Starfish!

img_3344 img_3345 img_3349 img_3354 img_3372 img_3374 img_3385 img_3393 img_3392 img_3412

WB 3.10.16

We are pleased to introduce our new member of the class: Max the maths monster. He loves to find maths around the house, and has already visited some houses this week. I wonder who he will be visiting next …?

img_3297 img_3277 img_3525 img_3524 img_3527 img_3438 img_3431 img_3427 img_3322 img_3320

We have been using our computing skills in RE to make presentations for the Harvest Festival.

jake evie-b-scarlett evie-m-taylor pheobe-ollie jack-aaron riley-kian

img_3279 img_3280 img_3281 img_3282 img_3283 img_3284 img_3285 img_3286 img_3287 img_3289 img_3290 img_3291 img_3292 img_3293 img_3294

In English, we have had great fun writing information texts about the Millennium Dome, learning all about the special numbers related to the structure. Can you find any more facts at home?

In Art, we are comparing different styles of Big Ben paintings and will be creating our own for display. In Music, we have been writing our own songs about London.


Here are the songs we listened to for ideas:

WB 26.9.16

This week, in English, we have been writing our own information texts about the London Eye after using an interactive, 3D map on the iPads to explore London, seeing the city as you would on the London Eye.



Y2 have been impressing Mrs. Parkins with their grammar vocabulary of adjectives, nouns and conjunctions.


In Maths, we have been using numberlines for addition, adding on ones and tens. You can keep practising this at home using 10p and 1p pieces. Next week, Mrs. Parkins will be looking for volunteers to take part in a special maths challenge at home.

We have been learning about weddings in R.E. and Y2 were challenged to find out more at home by looking at any photographs that you might have. In Science, we have used Education City to explore different materials. These activities can also be accessed from home.

WB 19.9.16
This week’s writing focus has been Information Texts.
Starfish Home Challenge: Can you read our text map about Big Ben? Can you make one of your own about another London landmark?

img_3131 img_3132

This week in Maths, we have been solving time problems and beginning to look at how our counting in fives can help us to tell the time more accurately. Remember to try the Education City website for more maths activities at home.

img_3141 img_3140 img_3139 img_3138 img_3137 img_3136 img_3135 img_3134

In English, we have been learning the features of an information text by reading a ‘text map’ about Big Ben. (See above)

img_3143 img_3142 img_3145

We had an interesting discussion about the Brownlee brothers and how to be a good sport. The class came up with some inspirational words to remind us all how to be kind. We also sent our messages to the Brownlees on Twitter.

img_3147 img_3162 img_3149 img_3156

We have also been learning the names of our royal family by making a family tree.

Starfish home challenge:

Can you draw the family tree of the royal family? Can you draw a family tree of your own family? Bring it in to show us!

Visit this page to see the royal family tree.


We have been learning all about London this week following a letter from our adventurous characters Sam and Sofia. We made videos on the ipads using the free Tellagami app to show where they visited.

Starfish Home Challenge:

Can you try out the free Tellagami app at home? Make a video about your weekend.

img_3092 img_3093 img_3094 img_3095 img_3096 img_3097

Some children wanted to know the size of Big Ben’s clock face, so we measured it out and it is almost the same width as the semi-circle on our playground – wow! We linked this to telling the time using o’clock and half past when we drew the numbers of the clock in chalk.

img_3122 img_3123

Starfish Home Challenge:

Can you practise telling the time at home using o’clock and half past? Can you draw a clock face with the numbers in the right places? 

WB 5.9.16

Year 2 have made a fantastic start in the Starfish class, really impressing Mrs. Parkins and Mrs. Kilner with their super work!

img_3060 img_3062 img_3059

In English, they have enjoyed the Mr. Men in London story, and started writing their own using adjectives to describe the London landmarks. We also looked at the pictures to find adjectives and nouns.

adjectives: words to describe something (blue, old, noisy, etc.)
noun: a person, place or thing (bus, clock, hat, etc.)

img_3043 img_3052 img_3053 img_3054

Starfish Home Challenge:

Talk to an adult about the pictures from the story. Where are the Mr. Men in these pictures? What are their names? What is happening in each picture? How many nouns (things) can you find in each picture? How many adjectives (describing words) can you think of? Bring your answers in to show Mrs. Parkins. 

In Maths, they have been using their place value skills with tens and ones to make amounts with coins. They also practised this on Education City on the computers.

img_3063 img_3064 img_3065

They wrote questions to request what they would like to learn about and used the iPads in Science to complete challenges about materials, reading QR codes.

Use this QR code to carry out some more Science activities at home. Can you find any more QR codes at home? Ask if you can bring them in to show the class for our Computing lessons on Wednesdays. 


Home learning activities suggested by the children:


Try finding adjectives in your reading book. Write a list and bring it in to show Mrs. Parkins.