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Primary Academy

Year 3 (The Pandas)

21st October 2020

Year 3 have been really busy developing their topic work over the past two weeks. We have created some wonderful artwork, based on Stonehenge, and developed our understanding of how modern life compares to life in the stone age. In English, we have written stories, based on Stone Age boy, our class text, and built on our knowledge of apostrophes, to help us to use them correctly in our writing. We did lots of work during careers week, thinking of the different skills that each job needed, and really enjoyed being able to take part in the teams sessions with people from different professions. To finish off the term, we are writing fact files about jobs that we are interested in.

Well done to Rowan, our star of the week!


7th October 2020


The Pandas have had a brilliant start to year 3. We have been building on knowledge from Year2, and in maths we have developed our understanding of place value, before moving on to addition and subtraction. In English and Topic, we have been learning about the Stone Age. We have read how to wash a woolly mammoth, and Stone age boy, to inspire our writing, and had a video call from an archaeologist who works at Stonehenge. She taught us lots of new things, and showed us some brilliant artefacts, including a bone from a woolly rhino, and a woolly mammoth’s tooth!

Well done to our stars of the week so far this term; Amelia, Aron, Safira, Avaline and Freya.