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Primary Academy

Mini Police Programme

Beacon Primary Academy has been invited to join the Lincolnshire Police’s Mini Police Programme. The engagement programme is aimed at children aged 9-11 years with benefits for the whole school and the surrounding communities. The pupils will be offered guidance and taught subjects relating to crime prevention along with Lincolnshire Police initiatives that would be both useful and have impact. The children will be given the tools to feedback to their peers and communities through a platform of blogging, posters, assemblies, statistics, graphs and conversations in person. A few topics within the programmer would be available to be delivered to the whole school community i.e safe strangers. As well as creating ambassadors for the individual schools, local communities and Lincolnshire Police there is also an element of career building. Each school will have ten Mini Police Officers with designated Lincolnshire Police staff offering their support. The programme falls in line with local and national crime prevention priorities concentrating on local and national aims and supports schools with elements from the PSHE, SMSC and fundamental British Values education curriculum.

Our Year 5 pupils have been given the opportunity to take part in this project and have undergone a series of recruitment activities.

All of the candidates did absolutely brilliantly with their speeches, and then were voted for by Year 4 and Year 5. 

Here they are in their snazzy new uniforms.