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Mental Health Support

The MHST has created a couple of new  podcasts for Children and Young People. They include hints and tips on promoting positive mental health and discuss different ways to get involved with our monthly awareness topics. We hope you enjoy listening to them, and we look forward to hearing what you think. If you would like to give some feedback you can click on this link: MHST Podcast Evaluation Questionnaire

Exploring Mindfulness - In our first podcast of 2022, Lucy, Chris and Mel explore what mindfulness is, how it can help us and which ways we can practice this in our daily lives. This podcast is aimed at 10-18 year olds.

Brew Monday and starting conversations -  This is a podcast aimed at parents, carers and professionals to mark 'Brew Monday'. Brew Monday is day to remind us all about the importance of connection, whether that be checking in with ourselves, or those around us especially during these dark winter months. We also share hints and tips for starting conversations with children and young people and creating a safe space to talk about feelings, which we understand can often be a challenge in day to day life.

Access the podcasts by clicking here

Please feel free to use/share the above links and podcast descriptions.