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Primary Academy

Reception (The Seals)

Fortnight Beginning 11.11.19


Fortnight Beginning 14.10.19 

In Reception, we have had a busy few weeks! The children have been really impressing the adults with their growing independence and following instructions. We have been learning lots of new information about the festival of Diwali and have made our own Rangoli patterns using chalk, fresh flowers and 2D shapes. We have had lots of discussions about staying safe on Bonfire Night and have even made our own firework cookies. They were delicious! The children have also enjoyed making their own firework paintings using paint and glitter. Next week, we are going to be looking at traditional tales and the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Fortnight Beginning  30.09. 19

In Reception, we have finished our work on Autumn and the Harvest Festival. The children have had lots of fun and can share some fantastic pieces of information. To finish our work we looked at our Artsmark Artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo who is famous for making artwork from fruit and vegetables. The children had fun creating their own artwork using various vegetables discussed in our topic work. We have also been exploring our maths resource, numicon, and using it to find out about different numbers.



Week Beginning 16.09.19

In Reception, we have been learning all about the season, Autumn. The children have been having class discussions to talk about what they already know. We have also been learning lots of new information from sharing information books or watching video clips. We have been answering the question ‘Why do leaves fall off trees?’ to show our understanding about Autumn. We have also made some artwork using our hands to make our own autumnal picture. Next week we’re going to be learning all about animals that hibernate and the festival of ‘Harvest’.


Week beginning 02.09.19

In Reception, the children have impressed us all with how well they are settling into school life at Beacon Primary Academy. They are becoming more and more familiar with the routines and expectations and are working very hard to show us how amazing they are. Our first PE lesson was even more spectacular! All of the adults could not believe how good they were at following instructions and getting changed! Well done Reception, keep it up!