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Primary Academy

Year 4 (The Lemurs)


Fortnight Beginning 24th February 2020

Year 4 have really been impressing the adults with their writing this term. We have been studying the book ‘Escape From Pompeii’, which links brilliantly with our Romans and Volcanoes topic work in History and Geography. The children have written some super diaries and amazing poetry and have enjoyed learning many writing techniques within the story that we will be applying to our own stories next week. We have been using our Knowledge Organisers to learn more about Christianity (RE) and Volcanoes (Geography), which you can use to carry out more research at home. Don’t forget to keep learning those times tables by using TT Rock Stars and the times table challenge on your devices through Airhead. We will be taking the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in June, so keep practising! How quickly can you answer the questions below? ...





Fortnight Beginning 20th January







Science: Making panpipes to demonstrate pitch



Guinea pig cleaning duties!        Super diary writing!


Year 4 have enjoyed learning about Sound in Science this fortnight. They have learned how pitch can be changed by the length of the object and how vibrations can be felt near a sound source. We have been reading First News and have been on the lookout for interesting news stories and articles to share in class. We have applied our Geography skills by mapping out how the Romans took over Europe and used our History skills in English by writing our Roman soldier diaries. When we presented them to the class, we all enjoyed hearing all the gory details about life in Roman times!

Fortnight Beginning 6th January

What a super start to 2020 we’ve had! We have been learning about Romans and started the topic with an unforgettable visit from a Roman soldier who told us all about life in Roman times. Please ask the children for their highlights of the day! We are very grateful to the PFA for their support with this. 

In Geography, we have been looking at world maps and have been set a challenge to learn as many countries as we can for an end of term ‘test’. We have also been using our map skills in History as we study the spread of the Roman Empire across Europe. Please keep finding out more Roman facts at home to show us in class! 







Fortnight Beginning 25th November 

Year 4 are still working hard in the run up to Christmas! We have had our final sessions with Mr. Parker for our Healthy Lifestyles lessons, including a fun way of learning about calories in different foods. Ask us about our exercise challenges that we carried out. We are improving our speedy calculations by taking on a daily Countdown challenge and sometimes beating the computer – wow! We have been very excited to meet our class elf, Twinkle, who has been setting some tasks for us, including a letter writing challenge that he replied to personally. We can’t wait to see what he’ll get up to next!


Fortnight Beginning 11th November






Children in Need Baking: Coconut and Chocolate Flapjacks






Super Science Circuits!

Year 4 were very excited to start their circuit making in their Science lesson last week. They have also been testing each other on their electricity knowledge by writing a quiz for their partner to take. They especially enjoyed using pink and green pens to mark their partner’s answers! In RE, they have been getting to know a little more about Islam by creating fact files that will be on display in the classroom soon. Remember to keep using the Science and RE knowledge organisers at home as reading or extra homework activities. Our next DT (Design and Technology) project is to design and make roundhouses from the Iron Age.

Fortnight Beginning 14th October


Year 4 have some exciting news! All of their monster poems have been chosen to be published in a book, so please make sure that you have given permission for this as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving the book when it is printed. This term, we will be learning about healthy eating as part of our Healthy Lifestyles work with JB Sports and Y4 enjoyed comparing different food types with Mr. Parker last week. We are all enjoying reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and the children have been taking part in some super discussions about the characters’ motives and feelings through their Guided Reading lessons. We are even learning new yoga poses based on the story too!







Fortnight Beginning 30th September







It has been another fun and learning filled fortnight in Year 4, including our week to look after the guinea pigs. We used our Art pencil sketching techniques to draw the guinea pigs as live models, and, as we have been learning more about our digestive system in Science, we compared this to guinea pigs’ digestive systems. The children have all created their own digestive system quizzes on Microsoft Forms and were able to share them with the rest of the class on the laptops. It was great to see some super Computing skills being applied with some very helpful IT leaders supporting others with the technical instructions. We look forward to taking more of the quizzes next week!

Fortnight Beginning 16th September


In Science, Y4 carried out an ‘EGGsiting EGGsperiment’ using boiled eggs in different drinks. This made us think about why we should keep our teeth clean to look after them and was definitely a highlight as we will all remember the smell of the stained eggshells! We have been creating sketch maps of the school with an added compass in Geography. You could draw a sketch map of your street at home and bring it in to show everyone. In the next lesson, we’ll be looking at where we live and what direction it is from school, so please do your research at home, Lemurs!












Fortnight Beginning 2nd September

Year 4 have made a superb start to the year and are getting ready for their harvest festival on Tuesday 1st October. The children have enjoyed using the computers to research what happens in harvest festivals around the world and they are creating PowerPoint presentations to share with you on the day. They have also been writing diaries in English and learning to read and write Roman numerals in Maths. Keep practising these at home!














Lemmee's Diary

What will Lemmee write in her diary next?










We can't wait to hear about her adventures at your house!