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Primary Academy

Year 5

Welcome to Leopard's Class home learning page.

Please note that content will be available via your child's Airhead in OneNote where your child can interact with the lessons and be provided with comments and feedback.

Thursday 2nd April

Your work is all on OneNote just waiting to be completed. This would have been your last day at school for this term, but there is work on there for Friday too - just incase you wish to do it.

Your daily maths blast can be found here. Today we are revisiting our work on statistics. See if you can create your own data to draw a graph from. A possible activity could be walking for 10 minutes, counting how many steps you do in each minute and creating a line graph of your total steps.

In English, finish your biography and edit and improve it. Compare yours to the model text to ensure you have included all of the necessary features.

Make sure you are still practising your spellings and handwriting that were sent home.

I am looking forward to seeing more of your topic work about Easter today.

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year 5! Your work is on OneNote for today. It is great to see so many of you accessing this and responding to your feedback.

Today's maths blast can be accessed here. We are revisiting our work on area and perimeter today. At home, you can take measurements of items or rooms around your house or garden. You can work out the area and perimeter using mm, cm or m as required.

For English, I would like you to  use your model text to write your own biography. In OneNote, we are writing about Lucien Silver, but you can write about any character or person that interests you. Just make sure that you stick closely to the features in the model text.

Please continue with your Easter topic work.


Tuesday 31st March

Your work is all ready and waiting for you to do your best on OneNote. Please remember to check all tabs.

Your maths blast is here for you to access. It is mobile phone friendly - you just need your school email address and password. We are focusing on place value today, so see if you can make your own number cards. Pick 4 cards and see what are the biggest and smallest numbers you can make. Challenge yourself by including decimals.  What other activities can you do with your cards?

Following on from yesterday's English, read through the annotated biography that is at the bottom of the page. Compare this to the one you had yesterday. Did you manage to find any features that are not highlighted on the new version? What did you miss? If there is anything you are unsure about, see if you can look it up or ask a grown-up.

Please continue with any Easter topic work. I have already had some great examples sent to me, so thank you!

Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5! If you are accessing your work on OneNote, it is all there ready and waiting. Please make sure you go back onto completed pages to check your feedback.

If you are not able to access OneNote. Try out this maths blast. It should work on mobile phones too. We are focusing on addition and subtraction today so try generating your own numbers to add and subtract. Can you write and solve your own worded addition and subtraction problems?

Your writing task for today is to look at our model text on a biography and highlight all of the features you can find. You will find as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

In topic, spend this week learning about Easter. You can present your work in any way you choose.

Here are some suggestions of things you could do:

Design an Easter card with either a pop-up or moving part

Create a sway about Easter traditions in other countries

A newspaper report telling the Easter story as a reporter who was there

Decorate hard boiled eggs or make salt dough eggs and decorate

Retell the Easter story but in a modern setting

Write a fact file about Jesus' 12 disciples


Or any other ideas you would like to do...


Friday 27th March 

Work for today has been uploaded to OneNote - make sure you are checking in each section.

If you are not working on OneNote, today is the day you complete your chapter for the Nowhere Emporium. How do Ellie and Daniel get our of your Wonder safely? Remember to always read through to edit and improve your work.

Focus on times tables today for your maths. You could write out your own 'quicker for a sticker' times table grid and time how long it takes you to complete it.

You should also be finishing your project on the Vikings today, ensuring you have included key dates, important people and information about how the Vikings lived.


Thursday 26th March 

Thank you to all of you who are using OneNote and working so hard at home. Your work is all on there for today. Make sure that you do go back and look at your feedback, it will help you to improve.

For those of you not accessing OneNote, feel free to email any work that you have done (as photos or documents) as I would love to see it.

Today, please continue with your chapter of the Nowhere Emporium - you are now at the part where there is a dilemma. What danger will Daniel and Ellie come across in your Wonder? Do not let them escape yet, that is for tomorrow's writing!

For Maths, please complete a further 2 pages of your book. You could also challenge your adults or siblings to a game of fizzbuzz.

Use your Year 5/6 spelling words to write 5 'wow' sentences using a range of clauses and conjunctions.

Instead of TTRockStars and Reading Eggs, set yourself a physical challenge for today. You could set up a mini circuit or time how many of each exercise you can do in one minute.

Make sure you are taking some time to enjoy reading your books too.


Wednesday 25th March 

All of your work has been uploaded to OneNote. Please work on here if you can as we are able to give feedback on your work.

If you are using your home learning pack, continue with the next paragraph of your chapter of the Nowhere Emporium. In this section, have Ellie and Daniel enjoying the Wonder. All is going well but try to give the reader a clue that it might not stay that way. Please complete another 2 pages of your maths book, do 30 minutes Reading Eggs and continue your project on the Vikings.

Tuesday 24th March

If you look in OneNote, there are tasks for English, Maths Blast, Maths, PaG and Guided Reading.

If you are using your home learning pack, using yesterday's description of a room in the Book of Wonders, write the beginning of a new chapter where Daniel and Ellie discover your room in the Emporium. Only go as far as them discovering the room and describing it, we will do the rest during the week. Please complete another 2 pages of your maths book, do 30 minutes of TTRockStars and continue with your project on Vikings.

Monday 23rd March 

In OneNote today you will find your English, Maths Blast, Maths, PaG and Guided Reading all for today. There is also a topic task to keep you busy for the week.

If you are unable to access OneNote for any reason, please contact the school and we will try our best to help.

If you are working using your home learning pack instead of OneNote, please write a setting description of what your room in the Book of Wonders would look like, complete 2 pages of your maths book, read for 30 minutes (either your own book or on reading eggs) and start your own research project on the Vikings.


Friday 20th March 

Today's work has been shared with you on OneNote.

If you are unable to access OneNote, please complete 2 pages of your Maths book. If you are unsure what to do on any page, try to look up a video on YouTube to help you. There are some great videos online.

In your writing book, I would like you to write a pledge (promise) on what you are going to do each school day that you are off. 

Spend 20 minutes on TTRockStars and Reading Eggs. Can you find any good books about 1066?

Thursday 19th March 

You will find today's work for English, PaG and Maths in OneNote. The next chapter of The Nowhere Emporium is also there for you to read. You can use the immersive reader to have it read to you.

Please also make use of Reading Eggs and TTRockStars. 

Wednesday 18th March

Please look in your OneNote to find your work for today in English, PaG and Maths. Go into your own tab, select the subject and then today's date. You can also read the next part of The Nowhere Emporium in the Guided Reading section.

All children in Year 5 are able to access their OneNote at school, if this is not the case at home, please email and we will talk you through how to access OneNote at home.