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Primary Academy

Year 5 (The Leopards)

7th October 2020

We have been really enjoying reading our class text, Beowulf, as part of our Anglo-Saxon topic. It has had some great cliff-hanger moments where we have stopped reading and made our own predictions about what might happen next, writing in the style of Michael Morpurgo. The children have amazed us with their use of vocabulary and technical skills to keep the reader interested. In the past two weeks, we have been looking in depth at newspaper reports, looking at their features and how they keep their audience engaged and informed. We are now writing our own, based on the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. We are now working with numbers to one million in maths, which the children are showing great understanding of and we now using these in our problem solving too!

We are very lucky to have new laptops in school and the children have been completing some of their work online. They are enjoying this new way of learning and it is giving us the opportunity to learn in new ways, including exciting live quizzes in class.

Our ‘Stars of the Week’ so far in Leopard Class are Maisie, Ryan, Lyle, Oliver and Fairly.





21st October 2020

Year 5 have been showing their resilience and perseverance, learning a new method for multiplying. This means that we can now multiply numbers in their thousands! We have been so proud at the positive ‘can do’ attitude that the children have demonstrated – even when they have found it really tricky. Great work Leopards!

We have now completed our art work for the term. Our Leopard faces have needed lots of different skills over the weeks, which have cumulated in a fantastic effect. These are displayed outside our classroom for all to see.

Well Done to Ashlee and Zac for being ‘Star of the Week’.




25th November 2020

We have started our new topic, in Year 5, on biomes. The children have been revisiting their geography skills from previous years to label world maps. We have then looked at the different biomes, locating them and looking for reasons why they form. The children have been busy doing their own research, presenting it in a variety of ways, including PowerPoints, Sways and information leaflets to then feedback their findings to the class. The adults in Leopard Class are all so impressed with their confidence!

We have also been busy writing diary entries based on our new class text, There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. The children have shown great empathy towards the characters. In maths, we have been learning how to divide 4 digit numbers using the bus stop method. We are so proud of the resilience the children show when they are finding a new method and how with perseverance and lots and lots of practise, they can apply this new skill in their maths work.  

Congratulations to our ‘Stars of the Week’ so far – Martha. Annalise and Darcy.



9th December 2020

We have had a very exciting couple of weeks in Year 5. Our DT has been focusing on healthy eating and seasonal vegetables. After researching the vegetables which are currently in season and their nutritional benefits, we decided to make our own vitamin packed soup. The children got to peel, chop and taste the vegetables before putting them in slow cookers to cook through out the day. We were all very hungry, smelling the soup whilst continuing with our learning. The children all tasted the soup (even though some were not very keen) and took a portion home each for their tea.

We are getting into the Christmas spirit by looking at Christmas adverts for our English and Guided Reading. We are looking at all of the features that make a successful Christmas advert so that we can include them when we write our own playscripts.

Congratulations to Daniel and Jackson, who have been our Star pupils.