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Primary Academy

Year 6

Friday 22nd May

We made it to half term!!!! Well done!!

Today i have a maths challenge for you. You have to find as many numbers as you can around the house and add them together. See if you can get them into the millions. You can use anything: clocks, remotes controls even bar codes!!! Off you go.........

Here is some more maths once you have completed your challenge:

Please continue with your shoe design projects, i have had some brilliant designs sent in so far.

There are some activities you could do over half term if you get a little bit bored in the drop down box below.

Enjoy half term and I will see ypu here on June 1st! 


Thursday 21st May

Hi everyone, how is the Spanish going? Have any of you entered the talent show? Here is todays work:


Time to recap on the names of parts of a circle, remember what you wrote in your maths books as a reminder....


Continue with your shoe design project from Monday.


Wednesday 20th May

Hi everyone, half way through the week! Have you all seen the talent show competition on the school Facebook page? If not ask your adult to have a look, it looks like fun. Here is todays work:


English + DT

Continue with your 'shoe design' project from Monday please.


Have a look at this link, it provides a really fun and interactive way to learn Spanish. Use your IT skills to navigate the site. Learning how to speak a new language is an invaluable skill.

Tuesday 19th May

Hi everyone, it was great to speak to some of you yesterday, looking forward to speaking to more of you today. How are your shoe designs coming along? Learning a new language will be one of the exciting new skills you will encounter at secondary school so we will keep having a go at some basic Spanish to prepare you. Here is todays work:




Continue with your shoe design project.

Monday 18th May

Welcome to another week Year 6. The last week before half term. We have the video chats today, I will send your invites a couple of minutes beforehand.

So for English this week we have a project: Over the course of the week i would like you to invent a new product. I would like you to design a new sports shoe. There are two links below where you can customise your own Nikes or a pair of Vans online (just don't buy them!!). You don't have to use them it is just an option. You can of course design your own from scratch. It is then up to you this week to produce a portfolio about the product. You will need to write a 'design brief' about your shoe: who should wear it, what is it's main purpose etc... materials and price. Just like you did with your photo booth for Children in Need. You will then need to create an advert for your shoe. This can be on paper, on the computer, create a radio jingle anything you like. Finally you will need a presentation of some sort to showcase your product. This could be a powerpoint or a film. Be as imaginative as you like, use whatever resources you have. It can be done through One Note, paper, online-however you like. Do a little bit each day until you have a new sports shoe ready to go into production to sell to the masses. BE INVENTIVE AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Here are the links for the shoes, you will have to use your independent navigation skills to work through the websites:


Using Coordinates to recognise 3d shapes:

Friday 15th May

Hi everyone, what a lovely day! With this in mind and as it would usually be my day off, today one of your tasks is to get outside. You could help around the garden, do some exercise outside or (if you have a sibling, give your adult a rest and amuse them for a while). If you can take some photographs i'd love to see what you are up to.

I've posted the answers for your 'silly sats' tests so that you can correct any errors you made or check if you marked them accurately. I would love it if you would continue to read (outside might be nice).  PLEASE NOTE: The link here is for the answers for paper 2+ 3 (problem solving and reasoning), NOT THE ARITHMETIC PAPER. The answers for that are in the drop down box below.

The schedule for the video calls will remain the same for Monday and Tuesday 10am, 12pm, 2pm. Please let me know through TEAMS if you would like a slot and what time. Remember to let me know if you are doing a quiz or have an idea for a game. Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Thursday 14th May

Hello year 6,

I will be posting the timetable for next weeks video calls in TEAMS later today. Remember if you want to design a quiz or if you have any ideas for some games we can play let us know. 

Here is todays work:


Recap from the autumn term looking at coordinates:



This lesson looks at organisms, fossils and geology, very interesting:


Wednesday 13th May

Hello year 6. Thank you for all of your video chats this week. Mrs Dawber and I really enjoyed talking to you. We will be organising some for next week again so watch here and in TEAMS for the next schedule. Here is todays work:


Continuing with Instruction writing:


Paper 3 of your problem solving and reasoning available below for you to correct. Results will be posted tomorrow for you to mark your own papers and correct your errors.


Have a look at some of these ideas for art at home using colour. Can you recreate any of them?


Tuesday 12th May

Hi everyone, todays work is below. After speaking to many of you yesterday, we got a clearer picture of how you are approaching your work. As a result, i will be asking you to revisit bits you haven't got around to do rather than just adding more content unnecessarily and when it is suitable. Looking forward to speaking to some of you again today. Have a good day.


Today you will have a reasoning  and problem solving paper to correct it is available below.


Continuing with the reading skills for instruction writing:


Please continue to work through the powerpoint from Thursday 5th May.

Monday 11th May 

Hi everyone, It is a very unusual week for me as your teacher because at around this time every year I am usually going to work to administer some very important tests that I have spent all year preparing my class for. It is what would have been our SATS week! I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the fact that they will not be happening this year. Join me on TEAMS today and we can have a discussion. Are you feeling disappointed because you wanted to showcase how much progress you have made this year? Are you relieved because you weren't looking forward to them? Are you not bothered either way? I feel a little bit sad because i know how hard you have been working to improve yourselves. However, a test does not define you as a learner, not one bit. Tests or no tests, you are all amazing, individual little humans who excel in different things: lots of which can't even be measured with a test score. So take a deep sigh, we won't be doing our SATS tests this week. We can however have a little fun in the meantime and have a go at some silly SATS papers for you to mark. Remember if you have a video call booked for today your invite is in your email and your calendar. Click on it at your time slot and you will join the call. Have a good day.


In the drop down list you will find an arithmetic test that needs marking. How well did i do?

I will put it on One Note.


Today i would like you to write a short story, no more than 300 words about whatever you like. However, you MUST include 15 year 5/6 words (available from the link). They must be spelt correctly and used in the correct context. It can be a silly story, a scary one, whatever you like. The key aspect is to include those words.


Using retrieval and inference to familiarise yourselves with writing instructions.


Watch this video from Bill Nye the science guy. We looked at the eye a while ago (29th April: the slide show is still available). It will give you further understanding about the eye in preparation for some more work on this.

Thursday 7th May

Hi year 6,


What is unusual about the following words:

banana, grammar, voodoo, revive, assess, potato and dresser?

It is a short week for us this week as it is VE day tomorrow, with this in mind I have some VE day activities for you today.


Finding unknown angles today using your algebraic skills with some geometry:

VE Day activities:

This is good article with lots of ideas to do with your family:

The British School have uploaded lots of different activities for you to use:

A video to explain what VE day is:

Please send me anything you have done, i love seeing your work. Take your time, it's a bank holiday weekend so there is lots available for you to try.

Please keep an eye out on TEAMS later today as that is where i will be posting the timetable for your video calls for next week and how you can access them. 

Have a great weekend, i look forward to seeing your creations.





Wednesday 6th May

Hello year 6,

There is a lot of information i would like to give out today so please read carefully. 

Firstly, your adults received a letter yesterday from Mrs Wright with an update about school information. In that letter it talked about the TEAMS video calls starting next week. This will be an opportunity for me to talk to small groups of you and you to each other. I will not be able to see you but i will be visible to you...I will make sure i have brushed my hair that day!

The groups will be a maximum of 6 and will only need to be for 10/15 minutes or longer if you need. It would be great to hear from as many as you as possible. It is not a teaching video, just a catch up. I have posted the time slots in TEAMS. I will need you to let me know your preferred time slot so that i can put a timetable together. You can do it with friends or just choose a time that is suitable for you. I may have to move groups around to make sure i have enough of you in each group. Please encourage those classmates that we don't hear from in the chat as i know lots of you have other means of contacting your friends that i can't use. 

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR TIME SLOT BY 2:00pm THURSDAY AFTERNOON I will let you know how to access your video slot once i have the timetable put together.

Secondly, I mentioned in the chat yesterday about Flipgrid. We will be looking to use this video app soon so as part of todays learning all i would like you to do is have a look at what Flipgrid is. It can be added to your launchpad. 

Please keep sending me completed work so i can give you feedback. I love seeing all of your hard work. Todays work is below:


Triangles yesterday, quadrilaterals today:


Today i would like you to email me the answers to these questions:

What is your favourite memory of year 6 so far?

What do you think your best piece of work was and why?

What your favourite subject has been in year 6 and why.


Continue with yesterdays powerpoint.


This is a recap on longitude and latitude from BBC Bitesize:


Tuesday 5th May 

Good morning everyone, lots of things have been happening behind the scenes here to help you through lock down. Look out for a letter or text from Mrs Wright to tell you about some exciting ideas we have coming up to support you further. Keep an eye open in the Teams learning chat as I will be posting details in there. Did you see the video message we made for you? It is available on Twitter, it made lots of the staff tear up a little bit.


Today we will continue with the Oak Academy geometry lessons. Today is all about classifying triangles:

Click on countdown to keep those four operation skills up

I am posting a family maths challenge, work through it at your own pace. It is designed for you to use your adults to help you so see if you can get them in on it help you.


I'm posting a reading paper below for you to correct just like the SPAG one yesterday. You can tackle it however you want. For example, you could identify the retrieval questions and just mark those or check the word meaning answers by googling the correct definition or using a dictionary. Make it work for you, managing your own learning is an important skill for you to take to secondary school. 

It will be available in One Note.


I have posted a slide show below (it will be available in One Note) for you to read through regarding keeping your body physically healthy. It is really interesting and has challenges for you to complete. Work through it throughout the week. I'm going to follow it too and complete the tasks. It is definitely something to think about, particularly whilst we are in indoors for a lot of the time. 

Keep reading and accessing TTRS. It would be great to hear from some of you in TEAMS.

Have a good day. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your work today.

Monday 4th May

Hello year 6. I can't welcome you to another Monday without saying the obvious....May the 4th be with you.....

Lots of work to be getting on with this week: angles in Maths, keeping healthy, you being a teacher and some more history surrounding WW2. 


We will use the Oak Academy resources for Maths this week. Click on this link:


There is a SPAG test in the drop down box below with a difference....It is completed but you need to mark it and find the errors (there are many of those). I will put it on One Note too.


The Oak Academy have put up this lesson for what life was like in Nazi Germany. Click on this link.

Please keep reading and accessing TTRS, don't forget about Reading Eggs too.

Friday 1st May

Good morning everyone, another week has flown by again! Here is todays work.

PLEASE NOTE: I have added another channel called year 6 chat to your teams group. It is a group chat just for your class where you can talk and interact with your classmates.


Lesson 5 of your newspaper writing unit.


Countdown to start

Place value Work is in the drop down box below with yesterdays answers. Then have a look at this challenge for the weekend.......remember your knowledge organiser for angle that you made, they might com in handy for this!


Last set of common homophones:

Thursday 30th April


The next instalment of your newspaper unit



Start with the countdown game

The answers for yesterday are below, please revise any errors you have made. 

Your next piece of work is negative numbers. Answers will be posted tomorrow. 


Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone! All of todays work is available below.

Maths: The first link may not work...I'm just trying it so if it doesn't let me know in Teams. The second link is for the countdown game. Your lesson work is available in the drop down box below and i will put i on One Note for those that want it. Answers will go up tomorrow for you to check your understanding further through your errors.


try this anagram game too (again if the link works)

English  Following the scheme of lessons, this is the next part of the newspaper report unit.


Please read the INFORMATION in the slide show below (drop down list). It will prepare you for the science assessment on light tomorrow.

Tuesday 28th April


Monday 27th April

Hi everyone, so we start another week home learning.  

Spelling: Click on the link below to access spelling frame to practice homophones. Use the spelling strategies that work for you and get an adult to help you test yourself.

English + Reading Click on the link below to work through the activities and do some fact retrieval in preparation for a newspaper report.

Maths Practice some Ratio. I will put the response on tomorrow. Write your answers in your books or i will put it on one note. You will need to look at errors as part of your task tomorrow.

Please remember to keep reading, work through your CPG books and and don't forget times table rock stars. Keep the DT projects coming! Have a great day!




Friday 24th April 

Another week down it's FRIYAAAY! 

With all the sunshine we are having I thought we needed to go on holiday and practice our Spanish so I've put a link for you to learn or refresh your knowledge of some basic Spanish numbers.


SPAG                                                                                                                                                                  Keep working through the verb work, we will look at another word class next week as this is an area I know you all needed plenty of revision in. 

English                                                                                                                                                        This is the last short writing task for this week (drop down box below), we will move onto a unit of work next week. 

Keep the DT going, it is my favourite part at the moment, receiving all of your pictures is so uplifting, I'm so proud of you all and how well you are managing your home learning. Remember, the work is here for you to complete at your own pace. It isn't a race but it is important to keep your valuable skills topped up and to ensure all the new learning you had in year 6 is still working! Have a lovely weekend and I will meet you back here on Monday for another week of online learning. 

Thursday 23rd April 

Hello year 6!

Another Thursday, the days are going by so quickly. We will have another go at a similar format of lessons to yesterday as I had some great feedback about the online lessons from lots of you. There is so much SPAG for you to get through from the beginning of the week (the choosing the correct punctuated sentence) and the activities on yesterdays BBC Bitesize link so continue working through those at your own pace please. I have loved the DT projects!!! They are just brilliant, you are all so inventive!! Keep choosing a project, see how many you can make before we return to school. It will be brilliant to have them all on display. I will put a link for maths below and another short writing task is available in the drop down list below. 



Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning everyone! Thank you for the work you sent me yesterday i'm really enjoying reading your work. 

Today I'm giving you these links because I want us to work together on something. The government has set up an online school to support you all whilst we are learning from home. I've had a look and it is good. So as we move forward we are going to recap a lot of areas that I know from being your teacher we need some more help with to prepare you for secondary school. So I'm going to post some links for a couple of days for you to access the lessons. It is very easy use. Once we've had a couple of lessons I would like your feedback because I will need your help going forward about what learning you would like more of. Below I have uploaded an activity sheet which has so many ideas to try at home that doesn't require any devices but some do require parental permission. These will be our DT and Art activities so when I refer to choosing an activity that is the list to go to. So here is todays learning:


Choose one of the activities from the list (drop down list below). When completed if you can, send me a picture.


To try out the government resources we are going to dig a little bit deeper about what caused the first world war which in turn had consequences for the start of the second world war. Click on this link and it will take you to the lesson.


Equivalent fractions!!! Fractions is a big topic and this little area is definitely something you need practice with so you become experts at them. Follow this link for your lesson.


Verbs!!!! Need i say more??? :) Click here:

Have a good day!

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning everyone, here is todays work:


There ia an image below which discusses variables. There are three questions that need responding to. You can write the answers in your workbook. I would like you to think about the variables as well as the investigation the children will be carrying out.



Today you will recap on converting measurement. There are different levels of challenge WITH the answers if you scroll down so you can check your answers and have a look at your errors if you have made a mistake! Challenge yourselves please.  Please complete in your work books.


To ensure your handwriting is still beautiful please copy out the correct sentences in your work book which has the correct  punctuation. There are four sheets so please complete a sheet each day for this week. The answers are also available for you to manage your learning and see where you may have gone wrong. We learn very effectively from our mistakes.



Please continue to read. I will be setting some book review tasks  so you will need some reading to help you complete. Your reading doesn't just have to be books...think about blogs, newspapers, comics, online articles anything and everything that takes your interest!


Similar to yesterday, i have set another short writing task. I loved reading the ones you emailed me yesterday they were so creative. Write them in your books and if you can send me a picture in teams or by email.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday 20th April

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all managed to get some rest, play some games and eat some chocolate over the Easter holidays! So we start our home learning again today for the start of term 5. I'm going to ease you into it today with a couple of tasks. There is an Easter 'Escape room' challenge, you do not need to print it off, you can read the questions and write the answers in your work books. If you get really stuck, the answers are on there if you scroll to the bottom. I have also have a short writing task for you to get you back into the habit of writing. It's very important to keep using the writing skills you have learnt and improving them. Again please complete this at home. There will be no One Note work today. I will be checking the teams chat so please pop on if you can and say hi, it will be lovely to hear from you. Remember Joe Wicks is still keeping the nation fit so burn off some of that chocolate and have a go at his work out at 9am on You Tube. Have a good day everyone :) 


Thursday 2nd April

Morning everyone, today is the second lesson on You Tube from the Western Approaches. Today the topic is rationing and food here is the link.

Please watch is as part of your topic lesson.

Please complete another two pages in your maths CPG book.

Complete your Spag boooklet (if you already have choose a new section in your CPG spag book).

Complete the next section of your CPG reading booklet.

So today is the last day of term, i won't be posting daily work on here until MONDAY 20th April as ot is the Easter holidays. Please keep checking the websites as there will be activity ideas being posted that you can do at home during the holidays.  Keep chatting in teams and have a break after today, you deserve it!! See you on the other side....


Wednesday 1st April

Morning! Here are todays home learning tasks:

Maths: Choose a NEW TOPIC in your CPG maths book (homework book) that we haven't learnt about in class. Use your independent learning skills to have a go at completing that section. You can find tutorials on You Tube and Maths is Fun.

Topic: Find a project to make do and mend. Did you find anything with holes in? How can you mend it? Could you sew it learn a new skill? Take photographs/write an explanation for housewives of WW2 how they can save their items by making do and mending items. What other ways can you reuse items in your home without throwing them out?

Spag: Continue with tense booklet.

Reading: Read for at least half an hour throughout the day.



Tuesday 31st March

Morning Everyone! I'm adding a tab into 'One Note' called PHSE. If you are finding isolation tricky or just want a chat without it being seen on Teams drop myself or Mrs Dawber a note and we will find a way to contact you. 

Your tasks for today;

Maths: Drop down list below- all about angles.

Science: Drop down list- edvolution task.

Spag: continue to complete booklet.




Monday 30th March

Morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend. Read today's instruction carefully as some apply to the rest of the week.

Maths: Arithmetic test (look for todays date below).

Spag: There is a presentation below for 'word class' and a booklet to work through, this is an area we still need to master in year 6, especially in preparation for secondary school. Go through the presentation as many time as you need to and then complete the booklet. The booklet is to be worked through this week at your pace, not all in one go!!

Reading: Complete the next text in your CPG book. Underline parts of the question and check your answers, have you used the reading skills you have built up this year? 




Friday 27th March 2020 

Morning everyone!

So we are a week in and you have been doing great! I have put on some topic for today, in preparation for a project next week, there is also a maths challenge and a short reading task. I have deliberately put less on today as i know there is lots of work that some of you need to catch up on. Take the opportunity today to go through all of the drop down list below and complete the tasks you haven't yet completed. Please remember to tell Mrs Dawber or myself (through Teams) what you have completed on One Note so we can mark it. Enjoy today, the weather is supposed to get a little colder over the weekend so if you have the opportunity to get some exercise in the garden take it. 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning Everyone! It has been so good to speak to those of you that have been in touch through Teams. I hope you enjoyed your museum visits: you can of course use you that link whenever you feel like a trip out.

So today we visit somewhere else for more of our topic work, we go to Liverpool and have a real life History lesson in wartime Liverpool, look in the topic task in the drop down list below. Some maths challenges are on there for today and reading is to complete the next section in your CPG books. Remember TTRS and keep reading. PLEASE REMEMBER: Let Mrs Dawber and I know if and what work you have completed work online so we can see it and mark it. We are working through your workbooks to give you feedback .  If there are some tasks you haven't yet completed you can always go back and catch up, they are all still available below and on One Note. Remember if you accidently delete a page just copy and paste it from the content library.

Have a good day x

Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Please find all of todays work in the drop down section below. All the tasks have todays date.              Read your tasks carefully. Don't forget to keep going on TTRS and reading everyday. Keep in touch through Teams messaging where we can all chat together. If you do complete any work on One Note please message me on Teams so i don't miss it. 


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning everyone! I have uploaded all of todays tasks onto One Note. I am checking them regularly and can see that some of you are completing your work electronically which is great! I have provided feedback to those i have seen. If you can't complete electronically use your paper work book. Please go to the drop down list below for a maths starter (choose a suitable level), maths tasks, spag and writing. In addition to this please complete the next text in your CPG reading book and answer the retrieval questions.  Check out Joe Wicks on YouTube for your daily exercise, I'm joining in. Any questions just email. Please remember to keep challenging yourselves: if there are any questions you are stuck on use the Internet to help you!!

Have a good day.                                                                             

Monday 23rd March 2020 

Morning, todays tasks will be available in the drop down list below, I will also put them onto One Note so you can complete them directly into your online workbook if you want to. If you can't then you can use your text book (paper version) that was sent home in your pack. 


Choose a starter either bronze gold or platinum to complete from todays date.

Complete the maths sheet today choosing appropriate tasks that you can complete-as always CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Try to complete 45 minutes of maths.


Complete the writing task set for todays date, include as much year 6 criteria as possible. No more than 1 page in your paper work book is required.


Complete the spag task for todays date.


Complete the task for todays date.

REMEMBER: You know how to access your electronic work books in One Note, i would prefer you to complete tasks where you can on there so i can see it and give you feedback. If it isn't possible, don't worry!! Complete the work in your paper workbook, date the pages and remember exemplary presentation is required. I will have a look at it when we are back at school. 

Have a good day!



Friday 20th March 2020

Here are todays tasks, please let me know if you are having any trouble. I'm checking workbooks and can see some that have not been completed. Please ensure you are completing the work set, it will support your learning whilst off school and ensure you are prepared for your return to school. You are all being amazing and i'm so proud of how you are rising to the challenge of this new way of learning.



Please complete the maths task in the drop down box below, choose your level and challenge yourself!!

Complete the white rose ratio assessment which can be found in one note.


Please log into one note for todays reading task. It will be in the reading tab: click on to todays date. Complete in your work books (choose an appropriate level of challenge).

Read for half an hour (not all in one go if you don't want to). 


Log into One note for todays science: its is continuing our evolution and inheritance topic. Choose the level of task that you know can complete and then challenge yourself. 


Complete two more pages from your CPG SPAG books of your choice.

Thursday 19th March 2020

Complete pages 24 and 25 of your CPG Spag books (active and passive voice).

ONE NOTE TASKS: ENGLISH, MATHS and SPAG all have tasks to complete. 

TTRS and reading!!


Wednesday 18th March 2020


Complete the remaining questions for the text 'The Baking Battle' in your CPG reading text books.


Complete pages 22-23 in your Spag CPG books 'Subject and Object.'


Practise your timetables on TTRS.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be posting work on teams throughout your home learning period. You can use your blank text book for your work.

  1. Activity Sheet Questions pdf

  2. Booklet pdf

  3. Spring-Block-6-Mini-Assessment-Year-6-Ratio pdf

  4. bronze-mar-20 pdf

  5. gold-mar-20 pdf

  6. platinum-march-20 pdf

  7. gold-mar-23 pdf

  8. platinum-march-23 pdf

  9. Monday 23rd March 2020 docx

  10. Reading Monday 230320 docx

  11. SPAG Monday 230320 docx

  12. monday 230320 docx

  13. bronze-mar-23 pdf

  14. Writing Tuesday 240320 pdf

  15. Spag Tuesday 240320 docx

  16. Maths Tuesday 240320 docx

  17. bronze-mar-24 pdf

  18. gold-mar-24 pdf

  19. platinum-march-24 pdf

  20. bronze-mar-25 pdf

  21. gold-mar-25 pdf

  22. platinum-march-25 pdf

  23. Maths Wednesday 250320 docx

  24. Tasks for Wednesday 250320 docx

  25. SPAG Wednesday 250320 docx

  26. Maths Thursday 260320 docx

  27. Topic Thursday 26th March 2020 docx

  28. Maths Friday 27th March 2020 docx

  29. Topic Friday 27th March 2020 docx

  30. Reading Friday 27th March 2020 docx

  31. Maths 30th March 2020 pdf

  32. PRESENTATION - Word Class Revision pdf

  33. BOOKLET - Word Class Revision pdf

  34. Maths Tuesday 31st March 2020 docx

  35. Science Tuesday 31st March 2020 docx

  36. Internet safety powerpoint ppt


  38. Monday 20th Writing task pdf

  39. Tuesday 21st April Writing task pdf

  40. SPAG correct punctuation for the rest of the week. pdf

  41. Maths Tuesday 21st April Metric Measurement pdf

  42. Science image variables jpg

  43. DT Ideas No computer needed! jpg

  44. Thursday 24th April writing task pdf

  45. Friday 24th April writing task pdf

  46. Our Eyes powerpoint for Science pdf

  47. Maths Wednesday 29th April 2020 docx

  48. Answers for Wednesday 290420 docx

  49. Maths Thursday 300420 docx

  50. answers for Thursday 300420 docx

  51. Maths Friday May 1st docx

  52. SPAG paper for you to mark pdf

  53. Reading paper to correct Tuesday May 5th pdf

  54. Reading paper text pdf

  55. Keeping healthy Science w/b 5th May pptx

  56. Monday 11th May Arithmetic-Test-with-errors-and-fluency---children-copy pdf

  57. Tuesday 12th May Maths paper 2 to correct pdf

  58. Wednesday 13th May Maths Paper 3 to correct pdf

  59. Answers to the 'silly sats' arithmetic paper pdf

  60. May Half term activities (1) pdf