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Primary Academy

Year 6 (The Gazelles)

Fortnight beginning 30.9.19 - 7.10.19


In Year 6 we have had a very busy and challenging week. In English, we have been focusing on poetry all about Greek Gods. We have written our own poems based on a poem called ‘The Temple’. We have really impressed our adults with our choice of vocabulary. In Maths, we have been translating shapes and then carefully plotting coordinates. This has been very challenging as we have had to be very accurate. We have also been looking at tangram puzzles and have made some beautiful animals. They have required a lot of determination and resilience but we have been focused and have even made our own puzzles. Ask us all about tangrams as we are now experts!


Fortnight beginning 16.9.19 - 23.9.19

Two weeks have flown by in Y6. We have finished our place value unit in Maths and we are seeing some big improvements in our morning task scores. We have been working really hard on completing them in the time given. Writing has been fantastic. We have independently written a biography in Science on Aristotle: it is handy that he was Greek and shared some very early ideas on classification, which is the focus of Biology this term. Our topic projects are coming along nicely; we are adding pieces of work to them each week. All of our preparation for our Myths is completed so we are looking forward to publishing them in our books.


Fortnight beginning 2.9.19 - 9.9.19

It’s been a busy time already in Year 6. We have well and truly started our Greek topic with lots of work going into our topic portfolios to showcase all of our new knowledge. In Maths, we have been looking at place value of numbers up to ten million and beginning to round them. English and Reading have been closely linked with Greek gods through myths, which we will begin to plan and write next week. We were introduced to ‘Vocabulary Victor’ to help us with unfamiliar words. We look forward to meeting the rest of his gang!