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Primary Academy

Year 6 (The Gazelles)

Autumn Term 1 

In year 6, we have been busy editing and improving our balanced arguments about whether children should have been evacuated during world war 2. The final pieces were amazing: very informative and split the class decision. During maths, we have building on prior knowledge by learning how use the acronym ‘Keep, Change, Flip’ to help us divide fractions. Times table knowledge is key, we still need to learn them in year 6. Please practice at home. During Science we have been constructing and drawing electrical circuits. D.T has been challenging, we have constructed diorama’s of ‘Anderson Shelters’ and tried to build our resilience by making a box for a gas mask from a net…there were definitely some frustrated faces during that lesson!


Year 6 have been busy learning all about fractions in Maths. We are finishing how to use the four operations correctly and it is going well! Mrs Gartshore is very impressed with recall of strategies and using what we know to work out what we don’t know. We had a fun afternoon completing ‘Children in Need’ activities with Mrs Dawber.  We have spent some time looking at what we have learnt over the whole of Key Stage Two so far by completing some assessments.  These are a regular occurrence throughout year 6 and we worked hard. In Science, we have started our new topic about electricity and revisited commas in SPaG using play doh.

Well done to Lewis and Faith for being our ‘Stars of the Week’ so far this term – keep up the great effort!



In Year 6 we have been recounting the events of ‘The Blitz’ through writing newspaper reports.  We have found a great example of a good one and have been innovating to make it about this terrible period in history. In Maths we are assessing what we have learnt so far this term and revisiting factors, multiples and prime numbers in preparation for fractions after half term. Of course, long division has been a challenge but we are cracking it! We are continuing with our wonderful class read and studying the text in book study lessons. In Science, we have been dissecting eyeballs….plastic ones of course to understand how we see.

Well done to David for being our ‘Star of the Week’ last week!