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Primary Academy

Year 6 - The Historians

Year 6  is an exciting and pivotal year in your child's education journey. It's a time of growth, discovery, and important milestones as your child prepares to transition to secondary school. Here's why Year 6 is amazing:

  1. Culmination of Learning: Year 6 is the culmination of your child's primary school experience. They've been building a strong foundation in various subjects like English, mathematics, science, and more. This year, they'll put that knowledge to the test and explore more advanced concepts.

  2. Personal Growth: In Year 6, children often experience significant personal growth. They become more independent, responsible, and capable of managing their own learning. This helps prepare them for the greater challenges of secondary school.

  3. SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests): Statutory testing, commonly referred to as SATs, takes place in Year 6. These assessments are designed to evaluate your child's progress in key subjects like English and mathematics. SATs are important for both parents and teachers as they provide insight into your child's academic strengths and areas that may need improvement. They also help secondary schools tailor their teaching to individual students' needs.

  4. Writing Moderation: Writing moderation is a crucial aspect of the assessment process in Year 6. It involves teachers from different schools coming together to review and compare a sample of students' written work. This ensures consistency in grading and helps maintain the quality of education across schools. It's a rigorous process aimed at maintaining fairness and objectivity in assessing writing skills.

  5. Preparation for Secondary School: Year 6 is not only about academics but also about preparing your child for the transition to secondary school. They'll develop valuable skills such as time management, organisation, and adaptability, which will serve them well in the more demanding environment of secondary education.

  6. Memorable Experiences: Year 6 often includes special events and memorable experiences like residential school trips, and end-of-year celebrations. These activities help your child build friendships, develop social skills, and create lasting memories.

  7. Supportive Environment: Schools recognise the importance of Year 6 and typically provide additional support and resources to help students succeed in their assessments. Teachers work closely with students to ensure they're well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

In summary, Year 6 is an amazing and important year in your child's primary school journey. It's a time of growth, learning, and preparation for the next phase of their education. While statutory testing and writing moderation may seem daunting, they are valuable tools to gauge your child's progress and ensure they are well-prepared for secondary school. With the support of dedicated teachers and a nurturing school environment, Year 6 is a year full of opportunities for your child to shine and develop important life skills.

It's going to be an exciting year!